Did a core fitness workout for 45 mins and felt great. Lots of strength with arms and quads. My hammies are so ti… bit.ly/1Aq8VNw

My view while folding laundry. House is silent but for the sound of the washer & dryer. This day is turning around. http://t.co/8OS58kOdUQ


Fighting the urge to be all internet passive-aggressive and give my used-to-be-favorite dim sum joint a negative review. #slowassservice

OK! I have a plan. Remove goldenrod (which looks nice in fall but weedy all summer) & replace w daylilies. #gardening http://t.co/j5xfN36e1B


Complete #garlic harvest. Left two piles are curing in my garage. Right pile is headed to the landfill. #gardening http://t.co/FOTlywLhGi


Completed the #garlic harvest today. All volunteers, so dozens were tiny, but I did get two large heads. #gardening http://t.co/J3A5jQNA5N