First Iris of the Season

I moved several irises last summer in the hopes of better balancing out my garden design — and getting some irises to bloom that I’d never seen in bloom in the six summers I’ve been in this house.

This particular iris is one that has been in this spot the whole time, yet this year is the first it’s bloomed for me.

I’ll take it.

The 1st three cuts on my New Release Radar playlist today are from @clutchofficial, @iammatthewsweet, and @wearejames.

I think @spotify’s algorithm has me pegged now.


Putting my son on the bus every morning gives me the opportunity to walk past my flowerbeds daily (instead of just driving past them as I come up the driveway in the evening) and keep closer tabs on what starts blooming when.

The candytuft also started blooming this morning, but this Camassia won the photogenic award for today.

Lunaria (aka Honesty)

I saw these purple blooms from a distance while getting my son on the bus this morning, and had to take a minute to figure out what was growing here that I hadn’t planted.

Answer: lunaria that reseeded from last year (or the year before). In a while, they’ll form seed pods that look like silver coins — hence their other common name of Money Plant.

A Surprise Bloom


I saw an unexpected pop of color this evening as I looked out from my sunroom. Once I threw on my slip-on Skechers and went out to investigate, at the base of the butterfly bush I found this lovely tulip.

Which I didn’t plant.

That means it’s been there under my nose for six springs and either never bloomed or never been noticed. Nothing else in that bed is that particular color, though, so I can’t imagine I would have missed that pop of coral.

Welcome to the Early Spring Border, little tulip.

Spent the morning gardening. Had lunch at home with the hubby. Salon appointment in half an hour. Couldn’t be happier in this moment.

Backyard selfie

Blogging With Consent

Sometimes, if Connor can keep himself on task at bedtime, I’ll let him play a game of Two Dots on my phone before we read a bedtime story. Last night was one of those nights.

As the app was launching up, he read aloud the random message that popped up about connecting your game to Facebook to sync your progress. He didn’t quite get the word “sync” right, but he got the idea, especially since he understands that people share pictures and videos and stories with one another on Facebook. When I explained to him that I didn’t really want to connect everything to Facebook, he asked why not.

“Well,” I explained, “I don’t need Facebook to know everything about me. I mean, I already have my own website, where I share things about my flowers and about you–”

He lit up, and immediately wanted to see.


Blogging of a Personal Nature

I read an article recently on that assured me that I am not, in fact, the last personal (i.e. non-topical) blogger out there. In reading some of the blogs he referenced, I realized that I haven’t been keeping up with regular, “real” updates. Sure, every month I post a Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day post, and I’ve been getting behind on my Cookbook of the Month posts, and I’ve completely stopped posting monthly weight updates (because what’s the use), and I have several somewhat time-sensitive posts in the queue — mostly about the vacation we took last month. But the old-school life update post has become kind of a rarity lately — which is a shame, since so many minor happenings will slip past undocumented if I’m not careful. I don’t really journal longhand unless I’m trying to work through something I can’t really post online, so if it’s not here, it’s probably not anywhere to be found. Except in my brain, and that’s kind of iffy the older I get.

So, here’s one topic I’ve been meaning to bring up again: depression.

Specifically, treatment via medication.