Fall Mums

Fall Mums

[Taken 23 October 2014]

I saw these on Wednesday evening, as I was walking out with Connor to fetch some garbage that had blown into our yard. I don’t remember seeing them last year — of course, there were so many tall weeds in the borders last year that they might have been hidden.

I just had to take a little photography detour this morning before taking Connor to daycare, since who knows when we’ll get our first killing frost — then all of this will be done until next year.

Did a yoga workout for 45 mins and felt blah. My back gave me warnings all through class, which made me keep my c… bit.ly/1tUMwH5

#tbt 13-month-old Connor as an astronaut for #Halloween! Two weeks prior, actually; he grew out of it by Halloween. flic.kr/p/dF9BNy

My gift to myself this evening is going to be a balanced checkbook, an early bedtime, and no guilt over not finishing my to-do list.

The Latin pronunciations I learned in high school bear no resemblance to how to pronounce names of #gardening plants. http://t.co/jagx5XnyYG


On Wednesdays we wear scarves. When we remember. @relysh @sessalee @martinivixen This scarf seems quite poofy to me. http://t.co/er56aWySgc


Having trouble finding #gardening resources that say what annuals can be direct-sown outdoors in Zone 6b for various bloom times. Help?

YOU GUYS. A new weight-decade AND 25 down since returning to #WeightWatchers At Work meetings! http://t.co/epUMCqDq7t