September Weigh-In: Photo Food Logs

So, is it technically a plateau if I’m not sticking to the Plan?

My graph does not have the slope I wish it did.

This mini-goal — what I had originally considered to be Goal With A Capital G — is increasingly more difficult to reach. I adjusted my target date once; I’m not going to do it again. Instead of focusing on the result, I’ve shifted my focus to the method. (more…)

When faced with a bowl full of asian noodle soup broth, I am incapable of resisting the urge to tip up the bowl and just drink the broth.

Not your typical leftovers for lunch. Vietnamese noodle soup, spicy, w/ mint & cilantro & sprouts.

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Walked 2 miles in 36 mins and felt great. Beautiful day. Opted to skip the indoor fitness class in favor of an eas…

After a few days of meds, plus a little makeup, my allergic contact dermatitis is down to looking like I just had a bad time at the dentist.

The camera roll on my phone is full of pictures of my rashy, swollen face before & after meds. Any better? How about now? Slowly but surely.

“Oops! Can I get some help? I’m OK! I just need Mommy to help me out of the toy box.”

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