April 2016 Weigh-In

I was having a really, really hard time reining in my eating habits. I couldn’t muster up that sense of urgency I had before, that feeling that every little decision makes a difference. I couldn’t seem to find any fucks to give. I’d try to mentally reset myself, and then something would just sound good, so I’d eat it; or I’d order the wrong thing from the coffeeshop, but drink it, anyway; or I just wouldn’t feel like running in the drizzly cold, so I’d rationalize it by taking a low-activity week to monitor my back pain.

I decided it was time to reinstate some basic guidelines for myself. After that first dreadfully off-the-rails week of April, I made some rules:

  • I will only buy lunch once or twice during the week — the rest of the time, I pack.
  • I won’t eat after Connor goes to bed — not even a little treat with my decaf or tea.
  • I will exercise daily, whether it’s a full-on fitness class or a lunch walk (or run) or yoga before bed.

It was the middle of the week — hell, the middle of a Thursday afternoon — when I instated my new rules. I didn’t have to wait for Monday, or weigh-in day, or even tomorrow. The sooner I could get back on track, the better, honestly. If I could turn my mentality around while I was thinking clearly, I (hopefully) would have already made the right decisions by the time the decision-making time was upon me. I hit a couple of bumps that first half-a-week (one big one involving a box of Kraft Dinner), but for the most part, I successfully started turning things around.


No, wait. It was 8th grade. Mr. Falls. Then I participated in a Latin contest at Kent State in high school, and we took the campus tour.

I’ve been into the history of the events of May 4th at KSU ever since my 7th grade English teacher told us about it. https://t.co/jRGyqG1XgQ


Monday’s banana muffins were such a hit that we as a family plowed through all one dozen of them in two days. Next batch is baking now. #3SP

Aforementioned babies: https://t.co/VIFMjPlZOv


I set my babies out this morning, knowing full well they’d get rained on. I hope they liked it… or at least tolerated it. #gardening

Coming up for air after an hour-long trip down the smartphone rabbit hole. Need to go clean up the kitchen and get to bed early-ish.

I’ve gotten pretty damn good at tweaking muffin recipes to be the number of #WeightWatchers #SmartPoints I think a muffin should be (3SP).