Dear Connor: Month Thirty-One

Oh, Connor. We were having such a nice month. You were napping more often, tantruming less often, and generally becoming such a big boy.

Then, two days ago, you painted your walls in poo.


I know the rest of the month wasn’t so bad, but Wednesday’s incident is kind of hard to forget.

I guess we should talk about that first, and get it out of the way.

Somebody please get these Dora songs out of my head. I hear them in my sleep. #toddlermom

I really wanted to post to my blog about my birthday and how it was a good day. But now I’m beached on the couch, too lethargic to write.

Chives (right) and garlic chives from my yard. They look a lot like grape hyacinth leaves, which I almost ate instead


My #weightwatchers leader said we should write down our change, take a pic w/ our fancy phones, and hashtag it #yay!


Yeah, only lost 0.2 lbs at #weightwatchers this week. Given how epically bad the week looks on paper, though, any loss is a good loss.

Today’s #weightwatchers weigh-in is gonna be cloooose. Morning preview weight was only 1lb under today’s mini goal. My clothes weigh that.

OK, that’s a little weird. My Google Doodle just wished me a Happy Birthday. #bigbrotheriswatchingyou