Gardening Staycation

Sitting at the breakfast table, planning my week-long mostly-gardening staycation while Connor plays on his phone. Looking forward to mornings in the sunroom with my coffee, spending time out-of-doors amongst the plants and pollinators, and reconnecting with everything. And spending time with my husband when I’m not in the yard. :-)

Waiting with bated breath until @the_darkroom posts the scans from my Brownie Fiesta R4, TIME Mag trashcam, Boy Scout camera, and others….

Instant Gratification

After taking a break from social media (which seems to happen about once a year for me: see 2014 and 2015), and with that break coinciding with the (initially) disappointing response to my annual shindig, I reflected on my relationships with others — friends, acquaintances, online peeps — as defined by my interactions with them.

I also thought about what I’m trying to get out of social media — and am I actually getting that?

Some people have described Twitter as a party where you can hear everyone’s conversations, whether they’re directed toward you or not. I feel like I’m the person at the party who will talk to everyone and no one until someone acknowledges them. (None of us know anyone like that, right…?)

It’s like I’m seeking validation or feedback for everything I’m experiencing: a jerk cut me off in traffic; I’m losing weight; I’m not losing weight; I’m having a boring day; I’m having an awesome day; I had sushi for lunch.

Who needs to know this? Nobody.  (more…)