Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, September 2014

Summer is drawing to a close and autumn is definitely taking hold in my gardens here in USDA Zone 6b. The roses are preparing for one final bloom flush to finish out the season. The leaves on the maple tree out back are just starting to take on a rosy tinge along the edges, and the leaves on the flowering trees in front are turning a subtle pinkish red.

Autumn Leaves

Did a fitness workout for 45 mins and felt good. Arms, quads, glutes, abs — everything got it today.

Did a fitness workout for 45 mins and felt great. Kickboxing + Pilates = Piloxing. I love that class.

Obligatory before and after salon-parking-lot selfies. #haircut


Did a yoga workout for 40 mins and felt good. Apart from a few balance wobbles, that was another solid practice.

It’ll almost be a shame to say goodbye to these awesomely grown-out early-80s bangs tomorrow morning. Almost.


It’s like my brain said, “Oh, we’re not posting our meals to the entire goddamn internet this week? LET’S EAT ALL THE THINGS.” #dietfail

All my tweeps who put up with my daily food pics last week helped me lose 2.2 lbs at my #weightwatchers weigh-in! *raise da roof*

Day Seven: the final day I’ll be posting my food photo-log. Unless I need added #accountability again in the future.


I feel like Granddaughter of the Year right now. The front of this 40th Anniversary card looks dorky, but the inside!