Fall Mums

Fall Mums

[Taken 23 October 2014]

I saw these on Wednesday evening, as I was walking out with Connor to fetch some garbage that had blown into our yard. I don’t remember seeing them last year — of course, there were so many tall weeds in the borders last year that they might have been hidden.

I just had to take a little photography detour this morning before taking Connor to daycare, since who knows when we’ll get our first killing frost — then all of this will be done until next year.

You know how a taste or a smell can evoke a memory, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? A turkey dog is doing that for me right now.

Walked 2.1 miles in 37 mins and felt good. As always, accompanied by the @ttcashow. bit.ly/1z4GYf2

I am apparently not your standard American sushi lover. I do not prefer “sweeter, tastier sauces.” http://t.co/WWtfTENo0b


I will buy this book. Plus extras as gifts. RT @shunn: My memoir of life as a Mormon missionary is coming in 2015! bit.ly/1rsJ94d

Operation Braceface, Day 708

As the assistant told the orthodontist today, we’re at 24 months. (Technically, it’s 23½, but who’s counting?) On my way out, I asked the assistant if she thinks the initial estimate of 2½ years of treatment still seems like it will hold true, and she said yes. She said the doctor is pleased with my progress, and she doesn’t see any reason why we wouldn’t be finished with treatment by then.

I’m having a hard time translating the remaining major adjustments (midline and molars) into only — how many? — four more adjustments? …Well, now that I’ve counted out how many adjustments I’d have in six months, I guess that’s feasible.


Freshly-trimmed bangs! Apart from the occasional straggler, I’m getting pretty good at this. #selfie http://t.co/bCCDk7AcBY


Did a yoga workout for 45 mins and felt great. Sat out of the bridge leg extensions, but otherwise didn’t back off… bit.ly/1DEOflk