Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: April 2015

The garden is finally starting to awaken from the long winter.

The first to awaken were the crocuses, which have already come and gone.

Instagram Photo

These are in the front of the house, viewable only from an awkward angle looking out the dining room window. I think I may move them to a more easily-seen spot in my early spring border out back, and plant some other early bloomers to keep them company.

After the crocuses, the first real wave of early spring flowers came in: daffodils, muscari (grape hyacinth), pink and purple hyacinth, and brunnera (false forget-me-nots).




Got cupping therapy on my shoulder yesterday as part of PT for my neck. I feel muscle-sore, but also bruised and almost sunburnt. #fascia

Whenever my son asks for a new song, I end up with something from 10 Years Together: The Best of Peter, Paul & Mary.…

Last night before bed, Connor asked for a new song, so I sang him Blowin’ in the Wind. This morning, he asked for “How Many Seas.” :)

Even though that home brewed cold brew coffee in the fridge is delicious, having even a little at 8pm was not the best idea. #notsleepy

Jesus Christ, appointments. My boss has to hate me right about now. I’m a sick-time nightmare.


“SSRS always makes me output a sad face.” LOL. #SSRS


Me: Sorry, I can’t schedule PT that day. I’m getting this removed.
*holds out hand*

Physical Therapist: Sweet! Is that a ganglion cyst?!

Have you guys seen the new Cottonelle campaign? “So clean, you could go commando.” It got my attention, I’ll give it that.