Backblogged Again

I have this tendency, when I have specific events to cover in my writing queue, to avoid writing about anything else until I have those entries finished and polished and posted. Unfortunately, this means I sometimes leave these entries unwritten due to a lack of time or energy or other resources, until I finally declare blog bankruptcy and relegate these half-finished entries to a digital file of Stuff That Will Never Get Blogged.

I’m hoping to avoid that this time, even though I have things to say about Mom’s visit nearly a month ago, and Halloween, and my Physical Therapy regimen (which is about half over now), and my braces adjustment from a week and a half ago, and pictures from Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day last weekend, and a few non-time-sensitive things I have shaking around in my brain, too. There’s also some stuff I want to say about Connor — and that’s always time-sensitive, since he’s always growing and changing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up a bit over the Thanksgiving holiday — if I apply myself, that is. Just because I have a few days off doesn’t mean that writing time will spontaneously become available to me if I don’t plan for it. Especially since I’d also like to spend some time with my family.

Writing is important to me. It’s so easy to forget the day-to-day things, to get wrapped up in stuff, and I love being able to look back on days past and remember the details I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten.

Oh, look! Fresh-baked cookies have arrived in the waiting room at the dealership. Makes the hour wait for an oil change more bearable.

The waiting room for my oil change is out of water and cookies. I can’t eat their apples out of hand due to my braces. #firstworldproblems

I didn’t have a penny on me, but he enjoyed sitting on the horsie, anyway!


Busy Wednesday. Lawyer, shoes and new pillow for Connor, lunch, bank. Now time for physical therapy, followed by an oil change and pudding.

Nothing like wrapping up a long-term project and shipping it off for QA testing less than two hours before Thanksgiving Vacation begins.

The good thing about having one crappy weigh-in is that it makes the following week’s weight look so much better.


Still mentally recovering from bath and bedtime last night in which I was the “good guy” after Connor and Daddy had a power struggle.

The snow this morning was kind of magical.