Having kind of a down day. Trying to make a mental list of Things That Are Awesome without following each with the inevitable “Yeah, but…”

I’m getting way backblogged. Between Connor’s monthly blog, braces, and gardening, I have three nearly-finished posts and lots I’ve started.

Walked 2 miles in 33 mins and felt great. Old-school walk down the river while listening to podcasts. bit.ly/1qE92D5

I need to rein in my jealousy of other parents. It’s not cool to be all weird about other parents having weeknight or overnight child care.

Our neighbor’s raspberry bush has put down new growth on our property. Yay! This is a good thing. instagram.com/p/q2gzkptU6F/

For tonight’s less-processed meal, I made @greenlitebites Guacatuna into Guacachicken and put it on a bed of lettuce. http://t.co/nQmPDGvVtj


I have had a horrendous couple of days of eating. I think it’s time to consciously avoid processed foods for a day or so. #notreallyadetox

Augh! I just missed three weeks of yoga in a row due to vacation, an ortho visit, and software training, and now there’s no yoga next week.

It’s dangerous to give me detailed workshop instructions, because I (and half the class) WILL work ahead. http://t.co/PLDYQSDw12