Up 1.2 lbs at #weightwatchers this week. Not surprised, especially since my preview weigh-in at home said the same. Way off plan this week.

Connor’s little girlfriend at daycare is so cute. I took a couple mins to play with the two of them one morning, and now she always says hi.

It’s late July, yet it already feels like fall in the Midwest / Great Lakes area. 50°F on a Tuesday morning? I’ll take that over sweltering.

Despite still not knowing what’s growing in all my beds and borders, I finally feel like I’m starting to own my gardens. #gardening

Did a core fitness workout for 45 mins and felt great. Lots of strength with arms and quads. My hammies are so ti… bit.ly/1Aq8VNw

My view while folding laundry. House is silent but for the sound of the washer & dryer. This day is turning around. http://t.co/8OS58kOdUQ


Fighting the urge to be all internet passive-aggressive and give my used-to-be-favorite dim sum joint a negative review. #slowassservice

OK! I have a plan. Remove goldenrod (which looks nice in fall but weedy all summer) & replace w daylilies. #gardening http://t.co/j5xfN36e1B