Dear Connor: Three-and-a-Half

Dear Connor,

Posing for the Camera

The difference between three and three-and-a-half is more noticeable than I would have thought.

You speak in complete sentences now, and we can understand 90% of what you say the first time — 95% if we ask you to repeat yourself. You are practicing the art of negotiation (which is adorable and infuriating at the same time). You’re daytime potty-trained now (mostly thanks to daycare).

Once you were daytime potty-trained, that meant you were ready to leave Ms. Jill’s Toddler Two room in January and move up to Ms. Lindsey’s preschool classroom!

Connor by his preschool's door

Beautiful day for a walk. So glad I got outside instead of going to the gym over lunch.

Walked 2 miles in 37 mins and felt great. I hadn’t realized how much I missed my lunch walks. I needed that.

I’m really in the mood for a walk outside today. Gonna bundle up and go get some damn sunshine. #fuckwinter


On Wednesdays we wear our favorite scarf and contemplate a scarf tack or brooch. @relysh @martinivixen @sessalee


As I pried myself out of bed this morning, I realized that we Spring Forward this wknd. That will mean prying myself out of bed even earlier

Does anyone actually enjoy connecting to their work via VPN? Here I sit, watching the “Waiting to connect…” animation keep going and going

According to my preview weight, I would have earned a fancy tea if I’d been able to attend my mtg.

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