Dear Connor: Month Thirty-One

Oh, Connor. We were having such a nice month. You were napping more often, tantruming less often, and generally becoming such a big boy.

Then, two days ago, you painted your walls in poo.


I know the rest of the month wasn’t so bad, but Wednesday’s incident is kind of hard to forget.

I guess we should talk about that first, and get it out of the way.

Laying on the loveseat on a Friday night, exhausted, wishing my blog entry would write itself.

You know what else makes me happy? Getting to hold my coworker’s 2-month-old daughter. I never used to dig newborns until I had one.

Diagram of one of my flowerbeds. Only six more to document. #hobonichi #techo #gardening


You know what makes me happy? Talking ’90s music with @byss on a Friday morning. In my element. (Thanks to @schnuth, who I met in ’96.)

I think my late step-Gary used this process. // RT @BruceKasanoff: Five Ways To Get Anyone To Do Anything You Want

Did a yoga workout for 45 mins and felt great. Aside from a tweaky lower back, I feel fantastic after that class.

Me: My son painted his room with poo!
@dmallette: …Do you call him Pablo Poo-casso?