November 2017 Weigh-In + WW Program Update!

File under Better Late Than Never… My evenings have been kind of whack lately, and I haven’t had the mental oomph to sit down and write, so yesterday I finally took some time over my lunch hour to start a blog entry, with the intention of posting yesterday evening.

Like I said, better late than never.

November’s been kind of up-and-down after October’s kickass turnaround. There were awesome weeks, and there were awful weeks. Overall, though, November’s daily weight graph looks like I screwed up, then got myself back on track… and didn’t do any damage with Thanksgiving Weekend, which is a huge deal.

Daily weight graph for November 2017 = up and down

I see the best results on the scale when I stick to the meal plan I set out for myself at the beginning of the week. The weeks where I see the most red marks on my meal planner are the weeks where my weight does erratic things that I don’t want.  (more…)

Bought dried porcini mushrooms from Amazon to try in a new recipe I found. Now can’t recall where I found the recipe, where I saved it, or what it was called.

Such is the danger of saving recipes in a three-ring binder, in Pocket, and by putting sticky notes on cookbook pages.

FabFitFun Fall 2017 Subscription Box

First off: no one asked me to review this box. I just decided that I really like some of the items so much that I wanted to share.

Second: I should note that my first and longest-running subscription box is the quarterly Pusheen Box, which is quite a bit different from FabFitFun. the Pusheen box tends to be filled with cute (but cheap) products mostly manufactured in China, featuring Pusheen the Cat. I’ve enjoyed my subscription, but I’m actually getting ready to cancel, as a year and a half of quarterly Pusheen Boxes is probably enough cute kitty cat merch for one household.

The only other subscription box I’ve tried is ButcherBox, which delivers grass-fed beef, chicken, and pork straight to my door every other month (or every month, if we suddenly start eating much more meat than we do right now).

I learned about FabFitFun from dooce (as did, I’m guessing, scores of other middle-aged moms). I figured that, for less than the price of a Pusheen Box, I’d be getting some stuff I know I’d use (as opposed to cute tchotchkes and kitty-themed household items that I may or may not roll my eyes at).

As it turns out, I did get some stuff I could use.  (more…)

Tomato Jam In Progress

Fowl & Fodder Downtown features a burger topped with ancho barbecue sauce and tomato jam (among other things). I haven’t tried it myself, but my two coworkers who have claim the tomato jam is too cloyingly sweet for the burger.

That got me to thinking… what better way to “put up” the remainder of my tomato surplus than jamming? Refrigerator jam, specifically — I’m not equipped for preserving (aka canning). Not yet, anyway.

I found a recipe for tomato jam from The Kitchn and decided to try it out this evening. I only made a couple minor adjustments by necessity: I used my beefsteak tomatoes plus a few SunSugar cherry tomatoes instead of the suggested Roma; I only had light brown sugar instead of dark brown; and I always keep a jar of chopped ginger in the fridge, so I used that instead of fresh grated.

Oh, good lord. I have found my new favorite condiment.

One pint of tomato jam

I can see myself putting this on every burger and sandwich I ever make from now on — until it’s gone, that is, or unless I’m already using my homemade roasted tomato barbecue sauce.

Tomato jam plus barbecue sauce… Yeah, I’m gonna have to try that burger at Fowl & Fodder.