Got to my desk at 8:00 precisely. That NEVER happens. Must remember what I did today and do it every morning! #chronicallylate

Just realized that tomorrow’s 8am training at work means I can’t be as late as I usually am on a non-daycare day. Early night for me.

I must be the only person to look at a container of leftover ground turkey w/ peppers & onions and think about eating it w/ some sour cream.

Made @greenlitebites Guacatuna Salad into a melt with fat-free cheese and lite bread. Awesome!


Found this in my desk, given me by a former coworker. I assumed it would never fit me. I think it will…

Whoomp, there it is! How, I’m not quite sure, but there it is. Down 3.2 lbs at #weightwatchers this week.


Coworker brought in zucchini bread and carrot cake. Today is my #weightwatchers weigh-in, so I think I’ll go snag some to enjoy afterward.

My very ripe banana got extra smooshed by a quick stop during my morning commute. My afternoon snack is not the yummiest ever.