Yesterday at the Park

Sweaty boy

He’s getting braver after watching the (slightly) older kids climbing on top of the ropes at the new playground. Quite the climber, actually; I stay nearby to spot him, but I rarely need to assist.

That’s my crazy, sweaty dude.

Grammy’s July Visit: A Slideshow

My Mom (aka Grammy) came to visit last month, and we had a great time at the Toledo Zoo, among other things. I’ve posted to a Flickr album all the best photos from her Canon EOS Rebel T3, my 35mm Canon AE-1, and my iPhone 6.

If your browser supports it, view the slideshow below. Otherwise, head over to Flickr and check out our pics!

Grammy's Visit July 2016

That glorious moment when @the_darkroom uploads my film scans and all productivity ceases so I can look at pictures