First Snow Day of Second Grade

The school district had already called the two-hour delay the night before, so I was already planning to drop Connor off at the centralized before-school Extended Time location used for weather delays and cancellations. As it happens, I overslept like stupid, so we hadn’t left the house yet when my pocket buzzed with a school cancellation notice.

I decided to work from home and let Connor have an actual snow day.

I used part of my lunch hour to go watch Connor play in the snow.

After lunch, I went back to doing actual work. Mei was super confused about why all of her humans were at home.

Connor played Atari with his Dad for a little while before he went out by himself to play in the snow. I finally called him back inside at 5:00pm, at sunset, and he still asked me why he had to come in.

I’m glad I threw Connor a bone and let him stay home for an honest-to-goodness snow day. He had a total blast.


Birthday Plushie

Bowie Life On Mars Plushie

Connor suggested that I make a plushie for Dad’s birthday, and he initially said it should be of Dad’s favorite comic book character. Then I had the idea of making a David Bowie plushie with two faces — Reality Bowie on one side and Aladdin Sane on the other.

Somehow, I ended up deciding on Life On Mars instead of Reality, and after I started it, I realized that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish two full Bowies.

I learned a few things about sewing plushies that I’ll remember for next time. This was a lot of fun, and I could see me making a whole series of these!

First Snow

Once again, I find myself with time to kill between appointments. Googled coffee shops between Point A and Point B… and here I am, at a new-to-me coffee shop that is so popular on the first snowy day of the season that I had to wait for a seat to open up.

Waiting for a seat at Sip Coffee

We’re supposed to get at least two inches of snow this afternoon and evening — possibly up to five inches. For the first snow event of 2019-2020. Of course I would pick today to take a half day off for a chiropractic adjustment and a thyroid ultrasound.

To be honest, I’m a little nervous about the ultrasound. I feel like my thyroid nodule has gotten bigger — in fact, I was having trouble swallowing a few months ago. I’m not sure if my voice has truly gotten more hoarse or if I’m imagining it.

The worst case scenario would be a hemithyroidectomy — removal of the left lobe of my thyroid. Then I’d have a synthroid medication to add to my current cocktail of antidepressant and ADHD stimulant.

I’d rather not.

The snow has been falling steadily for the last hour or so, at least. I’m not convinced that I want to drive out to karate class after the sun sets and the roads freeze up good and proper. I’ve almost made up my mind to skip… but it’s still three hours off. We’ll see.

Update: Doc says my thyroid is still fine — the nodule is 3.4cm or so in diameter, which is about the same as the last scan.

Also, we are so not going back out tonight. The roads are a sloppy mess, but it’s pretty to look at.

First Snow

Another Black Stripe

Yellow belt stripe number one!

Earned the first stripe on my yellow belt last night! This is also my first stripe of Black Belt Training Club (BBTC), which is essentially my long-term commitment to Krav Maga.

I’m discovering that I’m in pretty decent shape for a middle-aged former fatty. I can get a round kick up to my opponent’s head level, and my flexibility and stamina are both improving.

Feeling pretty awesome.