Mugging for the Camera

[Taken 19 November 2014]

I set up my dedicated strobe in preparation for the upcoming family photo, just to make sure I remembered how to work all the settings — how to sync the flash and the camera, where to position the flash, that sort of thing — and Connor immediately jumped off the recliner and in front of the camera lens.

We’ve had “camera time” every evening for three days straight, at his request. I’m guessing he’s not going to have any problems with pictures this year.

I would be much more satisfied with my life if I stayed the hell away from social media. Perhaps it’s time for another go at that.

Achievement Unlocked: Tucked-In Sweater! (Bonus: Not feeling frumpy about it)


Someone finally realized that folks need signage to guide them through the tunnels to COSI Imagination Station.

Instagram Photo

Getting ready to traipse through the tunnels to the closest Starbucks stand (not a full-fledged store). We’ll see how this goes…

So much for my new initiative to get to work on time. I haven’t even got on the highway yet, and I’m already 25 minutes late.