I Don’t Believe in Jinxes

…But if I did, I’d say I totally jinxed myself at this week’s Weight Watchers At Work meeting.

The director of the fitness center at my work knows about my back condition, and asked me if it’s been getting better lately, since I’ve lost 20 pounds this year. I answered yes, that I haven’t had any major issues in probably six months.

Cue the major issues.

Yesterday, I sat in a doctor’s office for two hours with my son on my lap, while he underwent a food challenge for his allergies. He passed the challenge, but my back didn’t. I didn’t realize what had happened until I went to yoga today, and the activity actually made it feel worse instead of better.

So, here I lay on the couch, with an ice pack under my lumbar region and my bloodstream full of ibuprofen. If I don’t feel better by tomorrow morning, I’ll see if my chiropractor can get me in over my lunch break.

I’ve been spoiled by my lack of pain lately; I thought it was gone for good. I thought maybe getting into a healthy weight range and strengthening my core would solve the problem.

Not entirely.

I waited too long, and now my brain is too tired to blog today. Yes, even though I have most of my next five entries prewritten.

Dammit. I burnt my popcorn.

Just preordered my copy of the 2013 @feltron Annual Report. The data nerd in me is giddy, while wishing I had time to analyze my own data.

Did a core fitness workout for 45 mins and felt alright. Took it easy on my back, which is still a bit tricky fro… bit.ly/1sGZeGc

This Chinese candy reminds me of those Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookie sticks. Tasty. instagram.com/p/uYPGt8NU1b/

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Nothing like a pre-dawn cloudburst on a chilly October Monday morning to make you wish you could just stay in bed and listen to the rain.