Weird Mood

I’m in the mood to write fiction, but I’m resisting the urge to free write, because I will undoubtedly end up with smut. Yep, that’s me,
Diana, the budding smut novelist. Sigh. My brain takes the weirdest turns

I had a whole little sheet of paper full of what I wanted to
blog about today, but I forgot and left it at work. Same with the Post-It
where I listed everything I ate today and at what times. That was helpful.

I remember a lot of what I’d wanted to say, but I find I don’t
really want to say it anymore. It’s all kind of dumb thoughts in passing,
like how annoyed I am with the women in whose room I work. And our broken
toilet, which now only flushes by lifting up the tank lid and fishing for
the broken flush arm. And the scanner that my computer won’t load anymore.
And, oh yeah, my student loan bill this month is more than my rent. Thanks
for the fisting, Department of Education, can I have another?

I need to chill out on the candle thing, too, unless I intend
to make some sort of game plan for marketing and distributing my wares. Christmas
only comes but once a year, and unless I’m going to be the weird lady who
gives candles to everybody when they come to visit, I couldn’t justify making
candles because it’s fun and just gifting them year round. I’ve already spent
probably a hundred bucks on candle supplies as it is.

I am in one funky-ass mood. Not depressed, and not quite bored,
but definitely on the dark side. Not down on myself (for once), but not in
a positive mood in the slightest. OK, maybe the slightest…

Oh, and guys? Even if the "blog" craze is settling
down, I’ll probably keep doing this thing. I keep a journal anyway, and sharing
it with people seems like the thing to do. Granted, there are some things
I don’t write here that I would write in a private journal, but those are
rare. If it weren’t for blogging, I probably wouldn’t even be keeping a journal
right now, because I usually only write in a paper journal when I have an
emotional crisis to solve. 🙂

No, I’ve changed my mind. I am bored. Which, by my definition,
means nothing I can think of to do sounds good. Guess I’ll go bum around
until I can come up with something.

I attempted to cure my boredom with some websurfing. I’m not
nearly as good at it as I used to be. I forget where my old jumping-off points

Anyway, I downloaded some random stuff on WinMX, too, and found
a techno version of the Sesame Street theme (not the best one I’ve heard,
either). Somehow from that, I ended up thinking of that early 80’s kid’s
show, The Great Space Coaster. Most of you won’t know what the hell I’m talking
about… but for those of you my age or a little older, here’s some nostalgia
for you:

Baxter (with the Huggles)
Gary Gnu (No Gnus is Good Gnus…)
Goriddle Gorilla
photo blatantly ripped off from the website of Jim Martin, puppet performer
Speed Reader
The Great Space Coaster logo

Bring back any memories? Man, when I was in Kindergarten through
second grade, this was my FAVORITE show. I’d forgotten. I don’t have any
desire to collect VCDs of it or anything, though, because I know it would
sully my memories of how great it was. I’ll just look at the pictures and
listen to the theme song and remember
how great it was to be five years old and sitting in front of the TV…