Just a Quick Note

If you thought dissecting fetal pigs in High School was gross, be glad this guy didn’t come to Show And Tell.

later: another note
I’m not going to read any more of the Xangas that Garza is subscribed to. That much God makes me violently ill. Case in point:

I was blessed enough to attend a wedding in which two people not only loved each other, but loved God so much that you could feel His very annointing in the room. It really touched me to see that in a world for material love, that true love still exists–and it can easily be found through Christ.

I’m sorry, but… *yarf*

I’m insensitive, I know… and I’m sure I must have been like that when I was a teen… I remember feeling like that at times… but, well… I’ll just shut up about it now, I guess, before I get myself in trouble.

By the way, this couple’s first kiss ever was at the altar. I’m still trying to decide whether the wedding night was:

 a.) make-out time and too scared/apprehensive for actual sex,
 b.) super-horny pent-up sex, or
 c.) makin’-babies-like-the-bible-says sex. Or possibly:
 d.) beautiful, non-conception-related married sex… which, FYI, is pretty damn cool. 🙂

One more thing. Can I state for the record, please, that Aaron has been my ONLY sexual partner. Despite what Brother Jed might say (where’s he been, anyway?), if there is a hell, I am not destined for it solely because my ONE lifetime partner and I deflowered one another several years before our wedding night.

So there. I’m done being righteously indignant… for now.

still later…
I just found Bob Mould’s blog. And wrote him an e-mail:


I’m always afraid that a letter from me, as a fan, to one of my favorite artists will come off as hero worship. That’s why I usually don’t take advantage of all those little e-mail links on their pages, when I do find them. But tonight I figured, what the heck. I just found your blog, and you seem pretty accessible after such a read. I don’t really have much to say, I thought, and it won’t take long for Bob to hit delete… 🙂

First… please, come back to Detroit. (I live in Toledo, but no one wants to come here, and I don’t blame them.) I and those who first introduced me to your music would love to hear you play an acoustic set at St. Andrew’s. We saw you there back in… 1998? …with the Last Dog and Pony Band, and have wished for another show ever since. We’d probably even take a day off of work to drive up for a weeknight show, if we had to.

Second… although I am not a fan of your new musical stylings, I respect the fact that you’re trying new genres that you enjoy. A lot of artists wouldn’t (and don’t) have the balls to try something new, but you did, and gained a new fan base at that. And you’re having fun with it, and that’s all that really matters.

That’s it. Nothing you haven’t heard before, I’m sure.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. – wasn’t there another, less techno, more acoustic album planned for release? We’ve been waiting for that for some time now… we hanker for some new, non-techno Bob.

I feel like a little bit of a dork, but WTF. It’s sent now. I’m curious as to whether I’ll actually get a reply. He seems like the kind that just might.