Stupid computer

So, here I am, using this LiveJournal I signed up for. Why, you might ask? Well, because my computer blew a fuse during last night’s windstorm / power funkiness. I haven’t opened it up to make sure, but that’s gotta be it.

I’m currently on Aaron’s kick-ass Dell instead of my slower Power Mac, FYI.

I just didn’t want anyone to think I’d forgotten to post, ya know. So, here I am. On LiveJournal.

I had fun overachieving at work today, for once. There’s a bi-weekly report we have to compile for the banking centers, and up until now we’ve had to do it by hand. Print out individual reports, add up each entry, type it into a spreadsheet. We all maintained that there was an easier way, that Programming should be able to make it just go. And, this time, we thought we were golden. It still didn’t go into Excel, but at least all I had to do was type numbers straight from one to the other.

Then I found out—after I’d completed the spreadsheet—that the report I’d used may not be completely accurate, and that we may have to do it by hand again. Gah! So, while my boss was waiting to hear the word from Programming, I got a jump on doing the manual report. It wasn’t until late this afternoon that my boss got back with me and confirmed that, yes, we’d need to do the report by hand again this time. When I pointed out that I’d already gotten half of it done anyway, he said, “Staying ahead of the game, huh?” I told him I try.

But, yeah. So rarely do I get to make brownie points at work that this little incident made me awfully damned proud of myself.

Hopefully this LiveJournal thing won’t be a necessary part of my blogging for long, but I’m glad to know it’s here when I need it. 🙂