LiveJournal can be a damn pain.

So, let me share with you the epic saga of today’s LJ post. I’ve been using my Mac today, since my PC is still incommunicado. After finishing up reformatting and reconfiguring everything to work for me for the time being, I attempted to open a browser window and post all about it to my LJ. O silly me, thinking it could be just that simple.

No, LiveJournal decided to refresh the webpage after me entering a few sentences of text… then again after I tried to re-enter about half a sentence. So I said, fuck it. I’m downloading one of those clients for my Mac. No biggie. Downloaded the Phoenix client, which is the only one that works with “Classic Macs” (that is, pre- OS X). It’s a StuffIt file, of course… but my version of StuffIt Expander apparently won’t recognize it, for whatever bizarre reason.

So, off I go to locate the latest version of StuffIt Expander that will work with OS 8.x, and I discover that my version is about three version numbers outdated. (Yikes.) I download version 7.whatever, which takes 20 minutes for a 9MB file. *sigh*

After a few restarts—and discovering that my Mac freezes after it’s been asleep—I’ve finally installed the new StuffIt, unstuffed the Phoenix LJ client, located the folder in which it was expanded (hiding under a window on the desktop), and fired this bad boy up.

As much as I hate to admit it, I may just have to rework my personal webpage to incorporate LJ as my main blog. This is kind of spiffy. Of course, that’s assuming I ever either a.) get my PC to power up again, and/or b.) get a copy of Dreamweaver for my Mac and just edit my site from the 6500.

I’m glad I have two passable computers for just this reason. I do still use Aaron’s computer for some things, but having my own that I can tinker with makes me happy. —Hmm. I mean, one that I can tinker with that *does* what I want it to do. And powers up. And doesn’t die in the middle of an icestorm. And doesn’t make me sad. And doesn’t make me whore out to my friends for tech support. Which I don’t want to do. Which makes me want to fix it myself. Which makes me more frustrated. Et cetera.

Aaron and I bought a digital camera off of a coworker of his for 75 bucks. It’s a Fuji FinePix 2400, with 2.1 megapixels of digital goodness. The max resolution is 1600×1200, or somewhere around there. Not bad. If my Mac had USB, I could hook it up and download pics to the 6500. As it is, we can hook it up to Aaron’s Dell and have XP automatically recognize it as new hardware, which is keen. Sure, it’s a little outdated, but it’s just what we wanted in a digital camera. We can take photos for the web and for eBay, and take it on trips to have a point-and-shoot along.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. We went to see our realtor on Saturday afternoon. She seems really nice, and we’re going to go check out houses next Saturday. w00t.

Wish me luck with the PC. I don’t know what to do with it, besides spring for a new freaking power supply and hope that’s the problem. Any advice would be cheerfully accepted (without directly propositioning anyone to help). Peace out.

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  1. why diana, who*ever* could you be talking to? 😉

    j/k – you could be talking to someone else, for all i know – i’m just too self-centered to think otherwise 😀

    if everything fried during a storm, it could be the power supply, or it could be any other number of things.

    I think (*think*) i may have an extra power supply that i could test with, but i dont think it’s a standard size, and probably wouldn’t fit in your case. but i’ll check.