Clutch at Howard’s

Here’s a (slightly edited) e-mail Aaron sent out to our friends about the incredible Clutch show at Howard’s last night (Thursday):


The show last night was the most insane Clutch show I have been to in a long time. Howard’s was packed like a can of extra large sardines, and everyone was going nuts. Lots of Clutch fans in their old t-shirts too. High testosterone rock n roll to say the least. It was fun watching the waif-like midget trendy girls getting their beer all over them when the mosh would start up after a jam.

They didn’t have any super exclusive merch for sale, which was good as I was broke. CDs I already had, hats, and t-shirts. They had free stickers too, so I scammed a few of those. If I would have had $20 on me I would have bought a t-shirt. They had this cool green one that had their logo on front with “My Name Is El Jefe” on the back with a Mexican flag. Really groovy. They also had a Clutch ‘Beer Patrol’ shirt I found amusing. We got there in time to catch the Nebula band, but luckily missed the other two openers.

They played a really awesome set, with a nice mixture of a little of everything. I’m also glad to report the long cool Clutch jams are back too. Here is the setlist:

Mercury (new song)
Pure Rock Fury
12 oz. Epilogue
I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth
In The Great Shining Path of The Great Monster Trucks
Promoter (new song)
Easy Breeze
Red Horse Rainbow
Curandera (new song)
House That Peterbuilt
Eight Times Over Miss October
Swollen (new song)
A Shogun Named Marcus
Big News I
Big News II
Brazenhead (w/ harmonica by the dude from Five Horse Johnson)

The PA on the right side of the stage almost fell over when everyone went ape during 12 oz. Epilouge. They were just stacked on top of each other and not tied down or anything. A roadie had to hold on to the PA for the rest of the show.

Neil said some wacky stuff as always too:

“Be careful of the PA here—if it lands on someone’s head, they’re not gonna wake up happy tomorrow.”

Before Big News I, “This is a song for the ladies. There is a reason that ships were names after women. That’s because your life depended on them.”

“Why do you want to get closer to the stage? We all smell like ass up here.”

Definitely the best Clutch show I’ve seen in quite awhile. It was the 13th time I think I’ve seen them as well. The crowd was nuts, it was super hot, and the whole thing was intense as a Clutch show should be. Well worth it imho. I love this freaking band.



In case anyone’s missed my devoted entries for the past few days, I’ve been suddenly and unexpectedly bitten by the genealogy bug again. This time, I even splurged on a $40 one-year subscription to‘s online census record collection. So, if there’s anyone out there who’s into family history research, give me a holla and I’ll look somethin’ up for you. May as well share the love, eh? —Anyway, I think I’ve already gotten my money’s worth, as I’ve found… let’s see… *counting pages* nine new and helpful census records, one that may or may not be helpful, one that’s not actually a relation after all, and one that I already had and forgot about. 🙂

Tomorrow (that is, later today), we’re meeting Rebecca the Realtor and looking at 7 houses in the South and West Toledo area. Bringing the digital camera, too, so we can ruminate over what was good and bad about the houses later. I think that we may find one that we’re interested in making an offer on—there are a couple with some big potential. Maybe I’ll post some pics later, after we get back. The Schnuth Tour of Homes is at 3:00, then we’re hanging out with some friends and having dinner.

And I got today (Friday, I mean) off of work. Oh, yeah… Life is good.