Class-Action Settlements Rock.

Hey, guys? Remember several months ago when I told you all about the class-action lawsuit about CD prices? …Good, because I’m too lazy to go look for the entry on my site. Anyway, you’ll never guess what I got in the mail today.

A check. For $13.86. In payment for the settlement.


Let’s go buy a CD.

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  1. argh!

    I knew I should have signed up for it when everyone was talking about it.


    p.s. –> more hot photo action coming up within the next week. keep checking the site. I enjoy reading your comments and appreciate your feedback. thanks diana!

  2. hey, you do some cool-ass sports photography. i’m happy to keep my hand in and mini-critique when you post your wares. those wrestlers have some priceless facial expressions. 🙂

    mmm… hot photo action…