Forthcoming update…

We just got our internet back today, so give me some play time… then I will either post here or create a dedicated page on the.details page. Highlights of the day include a superfast truck-loading in BG, an extended lunch at Easystreet, an even more superfast unload in Toledo, and getting the 24-foot U-Haul truck stuck in the field across the street. Details to follow…

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  1. so do you like have, a phone number?

    do i get it?

    because, i have a housewarming gift.

    well, it’s less of a housewarming gift and more of a gift for diana.

    and it’s less of a gift and more of a power supply i have sitting 3.5 miles from where she lives.

    and it’s less than 3.5 miles from where she lives, and more like 3.2.

    so..yeah 😀