The Ultimate LJ Obsession Test

I was curious how lame I was, so I took…

The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
Category Your Score Average LJer
Community Attachment 11.83%
You have one or two loyal pals on LJ… But you probably have better things to do with your time.
MemeSheepage 22.81%
Only trendy when it’s sufficiently entertaining
Original Content 37.1%
Some stories must be told – and you’re the one to tell them
Psychodrama Quotient 4.82%
Warning: Can Flame When Necessary
Attention Whoring 15.91%
Slothfully Seeking Susan

In other news, I am so glad to have my PC back up and functioning that I’ve been sitting here playing Civ III for about two hours, instead of doing dishes or getting my shower. My eyes are burning and my neck is sore.

Oh, and in case anybody forgot, today is Timmay‘s birthday! It’s 4:20, dude… huh. And two days before my birthday, which makes it even easier to remember. Like Dan‘s, which is five days before mine.

I gotta go shower and go to bed. Now.