website update

Why won’t my LJ client upload my entry?! Gah. Must resort to posting from the LJ website.

Anyway, just so y’all know…
– my LJ is now integrated into the.details
– my gardening section is now up
– the photos from the U-Haul moving debacle aftermath are posted

And here’s a little something for Sheryl.

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  1. That printer was such a bitch. And I have never, before or since, seen a Mac boot up with a sad Mac face with X’s for eyes. WTF?!

    I was watching COPS the other night, and one of the lady cops had a tazer. She was threatening the dude on the ground: “I’ll taze you! I’ll taze you!” And all I could think of was Jim saying we needed a tazer for the lab. 🙂