I’m older than Sheryl… so…

…I scored better than her measly 68.5, the little whippersnapper:

Final score? 121.5. OK, I’m a dork. But I’m OK with that.

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  1. Er. . . well, I got a 95.5 with the help of two of my co-workers and Google. But I only googled stuff that I knew I knew and just couldn’t remember the exact words, I swear! And yeah, I may have gotten 10 of my points because Tom knew that the line from Hotel California was missing “Colitas,” but I still got most of them myself. . . really, I did.

    Comment, comment, comment, snore. . . .

  2. Thanks, man. I knew I could count on you to snore—er, that is, to speak up. 🙂

    There were a couple lyrics that I never knew what they were saying (like “colitas”), but the only thing I cheated on was that I asked Aaron one that he actually knew, and I hit the Back button after the quiz and took the apostrophe-s off of Jessie’s Girl. Really, that wasn’t fair. I didn’t see he already had one there!

  3. Dude. . . he docked me points because I spelled “Billie Jean” as “Billy Jean.” The punk-ass spelling freak. He was impressed that I knew the lyrics to “Head Like a Hole,” though. A whole three points for that one.