Feeling ungroovy

Didn’t get much done this evening. Ate dinner (leftover prime rib… mmm…), played on the computer, watched the last two episodes of Colonial House.

I feel kind of yicky, like I’m trying to get sick. My eyes are dry, my throat is almost-sore, and I feel generally rundown. I should really go to bed. But I also feel kind of… lonely? Is that it? I feel like one of those nights living in Anderson, when I just wanted human contact. Where I’d walk upstairs to Donna’s room to see if she was there, or see if Tim was on IM (even though he was only two floors up), or call Beth from across campus. Though I’d usually end up on IM talking to Dan about some great new programming thing he’d learned or about his poor confused love life or what have you.

Maybe I’m just tired and unwell and need to take a shower and go to bed.

Comments on my previous entries would be welcomed, too, especially considering my current feeling of disconnectedness. Snore and let me know you’re out there. 🙂