Toledo Drum Corps

I’m crashing early tonight, so I’m going to keep it brief.

I don’t think I mentioned it here yet, but I got a new job within Sky Bank. As of today, I’m working in Loan Corrections, and driving 15 or 20 minutes to work across town instead of 30-35 minutes down to BG. So far, I have no complaints… except having to be at work at 7am this morning to unpack my desk and get everything situated. That, plus the fact that there’s very little beginner work coming in for me to work on. I think it’ll be cool once I learn everything I need to know, though. It’ll be a while, I’m sure, since there are so many different functions that Loan Corrections does.

On Saturday night, I headed out to UT’s Glass Bowl to watch the first drumcorps show of the season. Arrived early—was planning to meet Garza and his group at 6:45 by the ticket booth, and arrived at 6:20 instead—and got to schmooze with several people I hadn’t expected to see. A couple techs (instructors) from Northern Aurora, the first corps I marched; a couple alumni; a couple members of the LakeShoremen; and my high school band director. I shit you not. We must have talked for a good ten or 15 minutes or so. Very cool.

Oh, and the nice lady at the Bluecoats souvenir booth recognized me! Sure, she might have gotten help from the “Diana” embroidered on my jacket and the 1997 Bluecoats member shirt I was wearing, but hey. Even if she did cheat with context clues (which I don’t think she did), she gave me the best compliment ever: she told me that she recognized me because I hadn’t changed  much.

Bless you, Souvie Booth Volunteer Lady, bless your pea-pickin’ heart. Little did you know that I gained 50 pounds after I left corps, and only just recently lost it again.

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  1. omg, i saw your new weight on your website and i think that’s *awesome*!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you find you’ve hit a wall, may i suggest walking after work? i know you may feel that you’re too tired, but if you walk briskly for 20 minutes after work every day, and eventually carry like 1-3 pound hand weights, you will *significantly* accelerate your weight loss.

    promise. double-dog promise. and you’ll sleep better, feel better, etc. 🙂 after a while you’ll be really mad if you’re unable to walk (too busy, etc) because it just gives you this terrific boost – you get more productive in the evenings because of it. 😀

    (i know you’re marching again and i think that’s *awesome* – but on your off nights, you could walk just that 20 mins and you’d be so far ahead – and not be so sore after marching!!!) 😀

    now that you take less time getting home from work, you could stop by wildwood on your way home and walk a trail – i run/walk the red trail in 30 minutes flat, so that one’s a bit too long – start out walking the blue trail (.7 miles) and work your way up!!

  2. I walked for a few days a couple weeks ago, and I did enjoy it… You’re right; I should do that. In fact, I think I’ll go put on my socks and shoes and go for a walk right now. And, although Wildwood is pretty, I don’t think I’ll be stopping there right after work — that extra 15 minutes is dedicated to my daily Honey-muffin sighting.

    Oh, and fyi… my “off nights” from marching are, like, Monday through Saturday of one week and Sunday through Saturday the following week. 🙂