Another Successful Adventure

Well, in preparation for tomorrow’s Buckeye High School Class Reunion in beautiful Medina, Ohio, I felt the need to run some errands this evening. First, put a few bucks’ worth of gas in the Contour (aka the running-errands-while-the-spouse-is-at-work car). Second, get money out of my checking account (preferably at a Sky ATM). Third, purchase some stuff from Meijer, including:

+ Jones soda (picnic is BYOB)
+ thermometer (one of those things you don’t think of until you’re sick)
+ more Meijer Non-Drowsy Severe Cold (you only get, like, two days’ worth of meds!)
+ AA batteries (for the digital camera, noich)

This mission I accomplished with the navigational assistance of my husband, who told me before he left for work where I would need to turn to get where I needed to be. So, for the benefit of the Toledo-savvy (Sheryl and Aaron), I successfully went:

+ up South to Byrne to the Citgo on Byrne and Airport
+ up Byrne some more to Glendale, right turn, to the Sky Bank at Glendale and Cass
+ up Glendale some more, knowing Reynolds was up there somewhere, left turn toward Meijer
+ up Holland accidentally instead of Reynolds to get home, but it’s just as well, since that’s how I go home from work anyway, and I avoided the weird construction.

Amazing how simple things like navigating your relatively new hometown can bolster your self-esteem.

Yeesh. I really need to do something about that self-esteem, then.