This Weekend: Catching Up and Catching Art

Feeling kinda funky. I think I ate too much low-carb ice cream. I hope it goes away, though, because Aaron and I haven’t gotten it on in a while, and… ahem. TMI. Anyway…

Yesterday was my ten-year high school class reunion. It wasn’t too bad, all told—I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in years, mainly from choir and band. Matt was my main friend of the afternoon, although I tried really hard not to obviously follow him around like a puppy dog or anything. The only thing that was particularly disappointing was the fact that I still had a bit of a cold, and my hacking cough came back to haunt me multiple embarrassing times in the couple hours we were there. But, all in all, no one’s changed too much (physically, anyway); most people are married and most of the married (or divorced) ones have a kid or two or three; a few people do have jobs that one could consider… worth a college degree, I guess. Sonya’s a surgeon, Garrett’s a pilot, Theresa’s a operations manager for an advertising firm, Serafina’s a teacher. I didn’t catch what Jessica does, but Jim’s in the seminary, Matt works for his dad’s ATM business, and I work for a bank. But I’m happy, dammit. And that’s all that matters.

Oh, and I didn’t mention Atkins at all, because that would have required me to admit that I got really fat and sloppy over the past few years. I’d rather them all think I look almost the same as I did in high school, and leave it at that. 🙂

Today, Aaron and I hit the Crosby Festival at the Botanical Gardens. Lots of great artists, awesome photography, neat sculpture, and nifty “plant rooters” made out of blown glass and copper wire. I almost bought one, but figured the cat would destroy it wherever it lived. I also discovered the Photo Arts Club at the Botanical Gardens. I’m definitely planning to join up—their next meeting is in October, though. Sounds like the kind of thing I need: pros and amateurs participating in discussions, outings, and informal photo contests on a monthly basis. Hey, Erk, you with me on this one? I could sure use a photo buddy…

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