Let’s Take A Vote…

OK, I need everybody’s help here. And I do mean everybody’s. July 1st is the deadline to submit photos to Popular Photography & Imaging‘s annual photo contest. For the past few years, I’ve meant to enter, but my procrastination has gotten the best of me. This year, though, they’re allowing e-mail entries… so, I’m there. Problem is, I’m having trouble narrowing my entries down to only six.

I have an idea of which pics I’d like to submit, but I want your input, as well. So, check out my page o’ possibilities, then vote by leaving a comment here (or a tag on the front page). Vote for as many as you like, but tell me which of them is your favorite and why.

Thanks for your help, everybody… and remember, I need to e-mail these out by Wednesday night!

3 thoughts on Let’s Take A Vote…

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  1. OK, here’s what I think: My personal favorites are the Rose of Sharon (because the lighting is cool) and the first Mei picture from June 04 (because the color makes it look artsy and shit).
    Beyond that, I would definitely say submit the Manual and the Yoyo pictures because they have already placed in contests. Obviously that is the kind of stuff that photography “experts” think is cool. For your other two, I would pick Fort Meigs (the perspective from below is the coolest in that picture, IMO) and the Signpost (because of the shadows and the way you take up the entire picture with it).
    I wouldn’t submit the other Mei picture (because it might be construed as “just a picture of someone’s cat”) or the Gravity Games picture (it’s cool, but there’s something about it that looks like “just a picture from somewhere this person went” — maybe it’s the people standing around as the bottom? Also, the placement of the biker seems off, but that could be just me). The other couple of options seem artsy enough, but I don’t think they’re as good as the others.
    So, that’s what I think. (Constructive) criticism and all. Don’t yell at me.

  2. i’m with amy on this one – rose of sharon and Mei are your “very serious possibilities” and the other two could be sure things.

    i’m so straightforward and not vague, aren’t i? 😉