Peel Me Off This Velcro Seat And Get Me Movin’

First: After a little reflection on my part, I’d like to apologize for the fact that my blog is not a collection of well-constructed essays, such as the blogs I myself like to frequent. I feel like my pre-LJ blog may have been a touch more coherent, but I must admit that having an LJ client instead of entering my journal entries straight into Dreamweaver seems considerably more convenient to me. One of these days, I’ll need to do a redesign and make my page more dynamic and less static. Until then, though, you’re stuck with my iFrames and my ranting LJ entries.

Today was another one of those two-hour-nap-after-the-news days. I’ve heard it said that you can’t really “catch up” on sleep; all I know is that, when I’ve only had six hours of sleep the night before, a nap just happens. It isn’t really planned. Which tells me that maybe I needed it.

I finished my compilation The 90’s: Volume 2 last night. It doesn’t have as much OMG-I-haven’t-heard-that-song-in-forever impact as Volume 1 did, but is more of a collection of the most-played (and perhaps overplayed, but not necessarily hated) songs of the early to mid-1990’s. This time, to make things just a little programmatically easier for me, I arranged the tracklist in (roughly) chronological order:

  1. Nine Inch Nails: Terrible Lie (1989)
  2. The Black Crowes: Hard to Handle (1990)
  3. Nirvana: Come As You Are (1991)
  4. The Lightning Seeds: Pure (1990)
  5. Screaming Trees: Nearly Lost You (1992)
  6. XTC: Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (1992)
  7. Del Amitri: Always the Last to Know (1992)
  8. Weezer: Undone (The Sweater Song) (1994)
  9. Sponge: Plowed (1994)
  10. Stone Temple Pilots: Vasoline (1994)
  11. Green Day: Longview (1994)
  12. Soundgarden: Spoonman (1994)
  13. The Nixons: Sister (1995) *
  14. Goo Goo Dolls: Name (1995)
  15. Alice in Chains: Heaven Beside You (1995)
  16. Spacehog: In the Meantime (1995)
  17. The Wallflowers: One Headlight (1996)
  18. Faith No More: We Care a Lot (1996)

*This was The Nixons’ only single for so long that I thought (at the time) the band was called Nixon’s Sister.

I think I may try for one more album of early 90’s before I start breaking all-out into the mid-90’s (mainly ’96 and ’97). Once I do that, songs like Folk Implosion’s Natural One and Oasis’ Wonderwall and maybe some of the less-insipid Counting Crows and Hootie (now, now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I liked them back in ’94 and ’95, just like everybody else). Perhaps some more research on the 107.9 The End memorial site will be in order, in addition to digging out the mixtape I made from my college roommates’ CD collections (Sara the Two-Week Roommate and Amy).

Maybe it’s good that my all-time favorite radio station switched formats when it did. I would have hated to deal with the strange morphing of “modern rock” into what it is now, and have to listen to my favorite station play cutting-edge crap. What I need is an all-90’s station. Heh—another couple mix CDs, plus my MTV Buzz Bin CD (which is actually pretty good), and I’ll have an all-90’s party mix for the CD changer. 🙂