Lazy Days

Yesterday was a moderately lazy day. We got up, ate lunch, looked for garage sales, did a little thrifting, and watched a matinee of Fahrenheit 9/11. Great movie—if you haven’t seen it, you should. I never considered myself a “swing” voter; more of an apathetic one. This year, though, I’m definitely going out to vote, no matter what I once said (oh, about four years ago) about the electoral college.

This afternoon, Aaron is over at Kris Heath’s apartment, helping him install Windows XP. See, Kris doesn’t believe in paying for antivirus protection, apparently, and his computer got royally screwed by various viruses and spyware programs. He managed to get it back up and running well enough to back up all his mp3’s, I think, but most of his applications are corrupted and too screwed up to function. So, Aaron’s over at Kris’s place, helping him install a new OS. *shakes head*

Meanwhile, I’m here at home, chillin’. About to clean out the cat box, and balance my checkbook, and maybe put some of my clothes away, and put some photos in the photo album.

Yeah… life is good.