Damn Computer

PC froze up last night while I was installing the latest version of Quicktime. Stupid Quicktime. Anyway, this evening when I tried to start said computer, my Norton Antivirus wouldn’t load, and Windows told me my registry was messed up. So, it looks like it reverted to an earlier save point—er, sorry, restore point—because a bunch of my shit reverted to its old settings. And Norton’s drivers still aren’t loading up.

So, just to be safe, I ran SpyBot, which came up with all the usual suspects: tracking cookies from Advertising.com, Gator, and what-have-you, but no real spyware. And since Norton isn’t working right now, I’m running Pandascan—and I’ll be damned. Just as I was typing this, it found something. One infected file. Damn.

Well, anyway, once my computer is feeling better, I may write about this weekend in Grand Haven. Until then… maybe I’ll take some time away from my illin’ computer and do some Yoga For Dummies or something.