Cat 2, Plants 0

I was sitting downstairs, checking my e-mail and reading my daily blogroll, when I heard the unmistakable sound of something falling onto the floor. Since it’s just me and the cat, it could only have been a.) the cat being a dumbass, or b.) gravity taking hold of some random poorly-placed object. Mentally voting for option a.), I jogged up the stairs to see what the cat did.

Remember that begonia the cat whiffed the top off of a couple weeks back? Yeah. Well, I found the rest of it on the floor of the Media Room / Library, along with a good quarter-pound of freshly-watered Miracle-Gro.

At least she didn’t break the pot.

The good news is that I got to see that the remains of the begonia does in fact have living roots. Hopefully they’ll stay that way in their newly-repotted-after-being-unpotted state. And in further good news, the top of the begonia (living in a vase in the kitchen window) is beginning to sprout feathery little roots.

The best part of all? Storming around the house like a raving lunatic, chasing the cat with a spray bottle.

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