Preparing for the Annual Mom Visit

This is not just a typical Mom Visit I’m preparing for. If it were, I’d just have to figure out what we were doing this weekend besides taking pictures at the Zoo. As it is, we’re road tripping to the Dayton area to visit Grandpa and Grandma Cook in Centerville on Saturday, and Amy in Union on Sunday. The trip was Mom’s idea, even the Amy part, which I think is really cool. Yeah.

Anyway, since we’re visiting the grandparents, I’m sure that the majority of the conversation on Saturday will revolve around genealogy—so I have to get my genealogy hard-copy in order. Now, I would much rather have a laptop or something with my genealogy files on it so I could just show them how I’ve compiled all the census records and death certificates and such into each family’s story, almost… but alas, Grandpa appears to be technophobic and refuses to learn how to use a computer. So, the genealogy research is reduced to the facts and documents I’ve unearthed online and via mail order. Grandpa always reveals some random stories and family info that Mom and I hadn’t known before, though, so I’m sure it’ll be fun, anyway. I’m also planning to bring the digital camera and attempt to photograph some of Grandpa’s family photos, and maybe some headstones if we go cemetery-hopping. We’ll see how that works out.

OK, gotta reorganize all the censuses and shit strewn around the basement, and then go to bed.