Getting Closer…

Well, it looks like there will in fact be some degree of image trickery in the new layout. But it’s looking better, anyway, especially in Firefox. Turns out IE6 doesn’t actually support the full version of CSS1, and barely supports the CSS1 core. So, all the little stylesheet tricks and fun things that work fine in other browsers look like toasted crap in IE6. (I haven’t tested on Netscape yet—seems that I uninstalled Netscape 6 from my computer. Imagine that.)

I wish I knew someone who used Movable Type. I know y’all are LJ junkies, or have your own other thing going on, so I can’t go to any of you for bugs/issues/how-to-install. Yes, I know, they have tech support and plenty of docs, but it just feels better to have a real human being to ask when you need help. If I can’t use my own layout with MT, I want to know now so I can give it up. Guess I should check the docs soon.

Once I’m completely ready to implement, I’m going to buy a new domain and get some real hosting at HostRocket. I know Schavitz has been going through them for years and has had little to no complaint. Upon comparing their services with others, like LiquidWeb, they seem to have more of what I want for a lesser price. Not by much, but anything is enough.

Oh, no… I’ve turned into one of those people who blogs about their blog. Shit.