Layout (Almost) Complete

Thanks to the lovely folks at the CSS Forum, I now have my basic layout set up as I had wanted. I still need to design my very first masthead, figure out my site structure and navigation (i.e. pare this sucker down), and finish my background image to my satisfaction. Then, and only then, will I be prepared to shell out some coin for “real” webhosting. And, after that, I will refamiliarize myself with installing perl scripts on a remote server (which actually shouldn’t be too hard—I mean, if I could install a guestbook script back in the day, I can certainly install and configure Movable Type six years later).

Questions, though: Amy, I know you use Firefox. When you scroll my test page, does the “transparent” background kind of jump? I think it’s just a video RAM issue on my box, but I can’t be positive. It does the same thing in Netscape 7.2 (which I downloaded for testing purposes only). The only reason it doesn’t do it in IE6 is that Explorer is fubar and doesn’t display the background properly… but I kind of like the funky effect it gives, so I’m keeping it, even though it’s not what I was going for. Oh, and incidentally… Firefox is now my default browser.

Overall, I believe I am pleased. Any comments on the layout: good, bad, ugly? I’ll get the masthead up as soon as I get it designed. 😉

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  1. Sorry dude. I’ve been out of action since Friday with another episode of colon infection fun. No hospitilization this time, though. I will check that scrolling business when I get home to my Firefox computer (assuming you still need me to check).


  2. Eww… colon issues are bad. Glad it didn’t require another hospital stay, though. You and your colon… *shakes head*