Drumroll, please…

Sure enough, I blew through that roll of film in my Lomo in no time. The last third or so of the roll I took in the laundromat this evening. I’m very curious about how this stuff is going to come out. I tried to use different focus ranges and even set the aperture once to see the difference between autoexposure and manual. If they come out, I should have some really keen lomographs. 🙂

I think I have one free roll of developing from Snapfish, so I’ll probably dig out one of those mailers and send out my roll of Lomo film tomorrow.

…Which reminds me, I think I still have a roll of film MIA to Signature Color. What was the last thing I photographed? Not Dayton, because I used my digital (and Amy took the pics at the museum with her digital). ::looks back for photo-worthy events in LJ:: Hmm. I dunno. ::checks checkbook register:: Oh, yeah! I went to the zoo with Aaron on our vacation. The check was dated for 8/2, so hopefully they should have my film by now. Jeez. Maybe I’d better check and see if my check has been cashed yet… and by whom.

PS – My layout is really almost done now. Check it out. w00t!

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  1. Hi, it’s Ellie from SomethingNormal… Just wanted to say, I like your new layout a lot! The colors and background are nice. I use Firefox and the only thing I noticed was the “jumpy” background… don’t know how to fix that, but I thought I would let you know!

  2. in my firefox, nothing seems jumpy?

    could it be a memory issue? how much memory does everyone have in their machines?

    mine has 1gb, and nothing jumps at all. it look pah-fect.


  3. I’d been wondering that myself. I’ve only got 244MB of RAM (yeah, I’m thinking about getting some more soon). I even resaved the jpeg as medium instead of high, cut the filesize down by half, and still it jumped on me. Good to know it’s not a CSS thing, though.

    Pah-fect, all except for that 10px of space above my navigation! Grr…

  4. Hey, thanks, Ellie! I wish I knew how to fix that background issue, but if it’s the only major problem, I guess I can live with it. ::shrug:: Thanks for your feedback!

  5. I’m looking at your layout in Netscape 7.02 at work with 800 X 600 (read “sucky”) resolution. The only thing I noticed that seemed weird is that the bottom of the page. You have your colorful bar acorss the bottom and it runs across and covers up your gray box of blog links. What is weird that it doesn’t cover up the gray box entirely — it seems like it should cover the box all the way across or not at all. Not sure if you meant it to be that way or if it just looks funny on my work computer. I will look again when I get home tonight.

    BTW: I would be really, really, really amused if you left “Insert ingenious tagline here” exactly as is in your final version. Every website needs a sense of humor, IMO.


  6. Just checked again in Firefox at home. It does the funny jumpy thing. I’m running 255 RAM, so I would have to agree with the idea that those of us who have less than Sheryl’s megasuperRAMcomputer are having the weird jumpy thing.
    Also, I just made an interesting connection with my last post. When I look at your test page at home in Firefox, I see all of your blog entries and the gray box is not an issue. When I looked at it in Netscape 7.02 at work, the blog entries were not there which is what made your gray box look weird. This could be a Netscape issue or a “the admin at work limits our downloading abilities and I don’t have all the Netscape plugins issue.” Although I am fairly certain that I looked at your test page before at work and the entries were there — weird.


  7. hey, it’s a company computer, i claim no responsibility for the AWESOMENESS OF MY 2.8GHZ PROC 1GB RAM 23″ WIDE SCREEN LCD TV SUPER MACHINE!!


    *hugs machine*