Gmail Invitations At Large

So, I just checked my Gmail account, and the thingy said:

Invite a friend to join Gmail!

I know Kris Heath, Eric, and Sheryl are already on the bandwagon, and I already sent invites to Mark and Amy, but the next four people to post a comment get a Gmail invitation. I’m feeling generous… and I don’t know of anyone else who might want one. Beth? Anyone?

3 thoughts on Gmail Invitations At Large

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  1. If you end up having any extras, Jamie might be interested in gmail, since she just graduated BG and will soon be losing her BGSU email acct. Her work mail is or I could pass it on to her. Either way, I hope work is going good for you today!

  2. Err. . . dude. What email did you send my invitation to? I never got one, but I would like to add Gmail to my ever-growing list of email accounts.

  3. I sent it to your hailmail address, dude. Lemme go check…

    *opens Gmail sent-mail*

    Oops. I sent it to instead of .net — I forwarded it to your correct address. It should be speeding across the internet to meet you shortly.