My Incompetence Is Infuriating


Aren’t bank employees supposed to be able to balance their own fucking checkbooks? Yes?


Not me, who forgot to record the PayPal purchase of two class reunion tickets, made a ten-dollar math error, forgot to record my $30 NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee resulting from said math error, and still had to adjust my checkbook for over $20 I couldn’t find. Not me, who is now over $50 in the hole—and that’s after transferring funds from my savings.

I’m OK for now; we just can’t mail off our car payment just yet. It’s not due for another week, though, so we’re OK.

*runs off to root through box of eBay-ables*

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  1. Ah well. . . it happens to the best of us. My overdraft protection has saved me from large math errors once or twice. Does your bank offer any overdraft protection credit cards or will they let you set up your savings account for it? I highly recommend it. It’s much better to pay a $6 overdraft protection fee than $30 – $50 in “oh shit” money to every damned company that feels put out by your first grade arithmetic.

  2. Actually, yeah. Working in loans now, I have knowledge of such things… a little. We have Personal Lines of Credit that can be attached to your checking account for Overdraft Protection—I don’t know about attaching my savings to it, though. That would be even cooler.

    They just recently implemented this OverdraftHonors program that basically eliminates the Oh Shit factor from the *other* company, so you don’t get charged twice for fucking up. You only get charged once for your NSF fee, and Sky is generous enough to cover the check and the other company’s fee. Hmm, thanks.