Holy Crapamoly!

I just won a $500 gift certificate to GiftCertificates.com!

A few weeks back, Sky Bank posted a survey on our intranet site regarding our corporate culture. The big gimmick to get people to complete said survey was a drawing for one of 27 gift certificates, ranging from $1000 to $100. I got back from vacation just in time to finish the survey before the deadline, and I didn’t give it any more thought once I’d finished.

Until today.

One of my cube-mates was checking out the intranet site (“Sky Central”) and informed me—once I’d gotten off the phone with whomever I was helping at the time—that I’d won something. So, I reloaded Sky Central, clicked on the story link… and found that I’d won freakin’ $500. Damn!

Aaron and I haven’t figured out what we’re going to buy yet, although household appliances and computer upgrades are at the top of the list.

There was an amusing e-mail conversation today between myself and Rob Wozniak (of RCC Special Projects Team fame, who works in my department). Yesterday, he called a radio station and won the new Velvet Revolver CD—he told all of us in the office that he’d make us a copy, since we were all so intrigued by the idea of Guns N Roses meets the dude from STP. So, today, after the office discovered my newfound booty…

You can buy your own cd now with your mighty 500 dollar gift certificate!!!!!
Show off!!!

Sherry?s been telling Scott that he should be nice to me ? maybe I?ll buy something for my co-workers… (right.)

My thoughts exactly.
Buy something that?s gold plated. Just because its overly flashy.

I wonder if I could get a gold-plated video capture card…?

In other “holy fuckamoly” news, my Smurf auction is up to $94 with a little under two hours to go.