Black Swamp 2004

This weekend, Amy came up to visit for the annual Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green. It’s actually a good thing that Amy got hung up at home and showed up later than planned, because we easily scanned the art booths in an hour. Honestly, we weren’t impressed this year. There was plenty of good art, but not as much that was so intriguingly different that we had to stop and look. Amy didn’t even make any purchases this year, which is really saying something. In years past, we’ve easily burned through $100 apiece.

After the booths closed at 7pm, we (that is, Aaron, Amy, Mark, and myself) had dinner at Easystreet, then indulged on fair food (mmm, funnel cakes) and hung around to see Southern Culture on the Skids. We ended up leaving after about half their set, mainly because it was so damned loud. We didn’t even stay to hear their one hit 90’s song, Camel Walk. (They probably played it as their encore.)

So, all said, the festival was a disappointment, but hanging with Amy was cool, as always. I’m kind of embarrassed that I told my co-workers that the festival was cool enough to warrant driving down from Toledo to check out. *shrug*