One Year and Fifty Pounds Ago

…I looked like this:

diana at the dayton air show, 19 july 2003

A year before that, even, I was saying things like this:

26 September 2002:

I really have gained a lot of weight. I realized this as I looked down at my shadow before me. Then I realized that my arms touch my sides when I walk. Not just at my hips, not just my armpits, and not just my boobs. My entire side. This was somehow more disturbing to me than my recent discovery of a “gut flap.” It only strengthened my resolve to somehow lose 45 pounds…

Today, I’m feeling so much better than I did back then. I know I still have a little ways to go to reach my weight and fitness goals, but being back to the weight I was in high school and early college makes me feel so much better about myself. I haven’t lost any major weight in a while, as I’m stabilizing at my new, healthier weight, so I’m not quite as giddy about my weight-loss as I was, say, in October or November.

I took this self-portrait in July, when I weighed only two pounds more than I do today.

I have collarbones! Holy shit! When did that happen? I also have ample space between my waist and my elbows, and the hideous “gut flap” mentioned above has thankfully shrunk down to a mere crease. I can’t imagine what I’ll look and feel like in another 25 pounds or so.

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  1. !!!!! collarbones!

    i recently realized i have cheekbones and a very pointy chin. (i dunno if image tags work here but..

    i also found my triceps. that’s weird.

    *squee*!! you should be excited about what you’ve done. you’ve done a great thing for yourself. *beam*