Hmm. Seems I had more to write about when I was journaling longhand in addition to blogging. Now that I’m reading The Stand instead of jotting down all my daily blah, all I can think of to write here is said daily blah.

Finally got my SuperCertificate from Sky today! Only thing is, I was looking forward to buying my stuff NOW, when in reality I have to wait up to 24 hours for my order to process and for me to get my gift certificate. Oh, well… in the meantime, at least I can play with the cool new Fender amp that Aaron bought.

Went to Meijer during lunch yesterday to buy cold medicine. Failed to buy the non-drowsy variety. Took it at work anyway and felt my fingers become cottony fluff as I tried to type all afternoon. Don’t worry—it wore off by the time I had to drive home. 🙂 I’m feeling better today, though, especially after yesterday’s after-work marathon napping session.

So, um… yeah. Good times.

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  1. !! getting sick? everyone seems to be – do you ever take claritin D 12 hour? the scratchy throat, drippy nose and cloggy ears goes away when you take it. it’s allergies. tis the season to be stuffy.

    i never had allergies before the last few years. weird stuff. the C-D12 makes me a little jumpy at night (like i can sleep but my heartrate is up and i sleep really light) but it makes me feel tons better. 😛

  2. nah, i don’t think it’s allergies. just feels like a cold to me. at least, it’s progressing like one. symptoms like a snotty nose are making way for other symptoms like scratchy throat (which is opposite of how i usually get it).

    or maybe i’m just in denial that at age almost-30 i could finally develop seasonal allergies.