A Good Evening

Good things were to be had in my Gmail this evening. It was difficult to decide which thing to get all giddy about first…

I ended up looking at all four rolls of lomographs on Snapfish—not from any conscious decision to look at the photos before completing my Amazon shopping spree, but from the fact that I just get sucked into photography easier than I do shopping. (Am I an abnormal female because of this? Who knows…) Anyway, I’ll post my better lomographs tonight for all to see. (And I’ll add to my lomohome.)

On to the next exciting piece of Gmail: my Amazon gift certificate. w00t! I never imagined I’d get to go on an Amazon shopping spree, so this is pretty frickin’ sweet. Coming to me mid- to late next week are:

  • Epson Stylus R200 Photo Printer
  • Kodak Premium Picture Paper, High Gloss, 100 sheets
  • Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper, 50 sheets
  • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250 capture card
  • Carlo Robelli Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Tubular Guitar Stand

And I still have about $80 left to spend! I’m sure I’ll think of something. Like, oh, all the Muppet Show DVDs I’ve been wanting, or the Indiana Jones DVD box set, or I could fill out my CD collection. There’s still a lot I could buy with eighty bucks!

Sheryl, I think this is where my frugal, thrifty side is coming in quite handy… 😉