Two Years of my Life

Today was my two-year anniversary of being a full-fledged Sky employee. I didn’t mention it to anyone, and HR certainly didn’t throw me a party. No Sky Financial candy dish, no extra weeks of vacation (yet). I am, however, 40% vested in my ESOP and profit-sharing money now, so my happy 401(k) doesn’t look quite so drastically different between the money that’s mine and not-mine-yet.

I know this is my cue to start my usual woe-is-me crap, but I just don’t feel like that today. I mean, I’m not thrilled to be working for Sky, and I certainly haven’t given up hope of finding something different and/or better, but I’m not unhappy, either. If I stick with Sky, I still have room to move up within the company. If I find something else, I have 2+ years of valuable financial/corporate experience.

It’s just my job. It’s not my life. I’m genuinely happy with my life, and only moderately ambivalent about my job.

Yeah, I’m doing OK. We’re doing OK.

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  1. good for you di; having a job that you’re moderately ambivalent about is really pretty good. I mean, think of the worst job ever, and then think of doing that forever. Or think doing something you love as a job, and think of how long it will take for that thing you love to turn into something you hate. Yea ambivalence!!!

  2. Well, to clarify, I don’t ever anticipate getting a job playing just the tuba, just like you don’t plan on getting a job just speaking english. The jobs that involve playing the tuba usually involve some sort of bass-ackward politics, like faculty meetings or not speaking to the bass-trombone player ever, for like 20 years.

    Since I’m teaching classes here at UT, I’m privy to some of the professorial venting, and I’ve discovered what a disfunctional little family the school of music is. Apparently, several of them are either under lawsuits from students, threatening to quit, or worse, threatening to stay.

    To be honest, in my post I was talking about web design. I was a web programmer for 3 years, and my 4 month stint at pretty much killed any love I had for spending the rest of my life on the interweb.

    However, if you find a job that is a step better, take it. I was just offering positive chi for having a job that doesn’t throw your life in an entirely different direction than you had intended.

    Experiencing the world one bottle at a time,


  3. Don’t mind me. I was just feeling moderately oppressed at that particular moment. I appreciate the positive ch’i flow, man.

    I’m beginning to think that I need to spend some more quality time on web and graphic design projects—specific projects, not just stuff I throw together in my spare time for my own jollies—in order to secure myself a “real” design job.

    In the meantime, though, I’m content to stay with Sky and get my righteous semi-annual kickbacks and my annual ESOP and my occasional gift certificate or other random props. I’m not as bitter as I sound sometimes.