:: yawn ::

Feeling kind of blah this evening. Not sure why. Figured writing about it might dissolve it some.

Normal day at work. I was on phones, which is always fun (*scoff*), especially while working on modifications, which I’ve only recently learned how to do. Ambivalence ran high today, broken only by a glimmering moment of appreciation when my supervisor recognized my two years of service with a Gotcha Card. And after I’d bitched on here about no one noticing, too.

I accompanied Aaron to Target this weekend so he could purchase some new clothes that actually fit: size 34 jeans, extra-large T-shirts and sweaters and jacket. I believe I now own his old size 40 jeans, for reference, and all his old XXL sweaters fit him like friggin’ dresses. Now he’s looking svelte in his new skinnier duds.

I bought myself a new pair of dress pants for work. Size 18—which is still big, sure, but it’s better than the 20’s and 22’s and (yikes!) 24’s that I had been wearing. It’s amazing how much better it feels to wear clothes that fit properly.

Visited Aaron’s grandarents in Lakewood (Cleveland) on Saturday afternoon. Poppa is doing well after his quadruple bypass surgery of a few months back, and says he’s going to buy us a chest freezer for a housewarming gift. That’s awesome, on both counts.

Planning to start reading the second Harry Potter book tonight before bed. Those books are like crack. I shouldn’t be reading them before bed—it tends to push back my bedtime to about 1:00am.

Not much else to report. I could probably go up and think about going to bed right now, if it weren’t so depressing to have watched my day slip by so fast. As it is, I’ll likely end up skulking at my computer for a while, then realizing how tired I really am and plodding up to bed. Or maybe I’ll read a magazine—that would be a little healthier than basking in the radioactive glow of my monitor.


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  1. when i started reading harry potter, i finished all 4 in a week 😛

    (5 was not out yet).

    i have 2 copies of all of them, so if you do not wish to purchase or check out the last 3, please let me know.


  2. if i didn’t have an internet addiction to deal with, i could easily have matched that. and i think aaron went and got them all from one place or another, so we’re set until the final one comes out.

    now i just have to catch up before then… plenty of time.

    *staying away from spoilers of ALL potter books*

  3. ..you mean the final 2? 😉

    there will be 7. book 5 is the highest out right now 😀


    for the record, book 3 is my favorite. book 4 is john’s.

  4. Harry Potter gave me a B+ in my summer class. Harry kept me up late at night, distracted me while I SHOULD have been reading “A Cyborg Manifesto”, and drank all my beer. Harry stole my girlfriend for a while too. It’s a good thing I love her and took her back. She’d better not ask for a 3 way.

  5. And why not? A three-way with Harry Potter could be particularly fulfilling for everyone involved. Imagine the spells he could have learned while spelunking in the library… *tingle*