There. It’s Done.

I’ve submitted a resume in print to Designski. (Oops—I hadn’t told you who they were yet, had I? Well, now you know.)

I printed out my two-page resume and a sheet of web design portfolio samples on my matte photo paper. I also composed a cover letter and printed it on normal paper, and designed return address labels. All of these things match my portfolio website—I’ve gotten compliments on my personal branding before, so I figure I may as well run with it. Uncle Frank liked it well enough… although he also liked the fact that I hand-cut my resume paper so it was half an inch narrower and two inches longer than the rest.

Yeah, it looks like Thread (formerly Image Source) is looking for an Interactive Designer. Too bad I don’t know Flash. One of these weekends, I should really go take one of the NISDM workshops while I still can. One never knows when they’ll decide to revoke the alumni discount… or when the organization will fold entirely.

I need some more “real” work under my belt. Sheryl, Dan, anyone else, if you have a web or design project you’d like to collaborate on, paid or no, let me know and maybe we can jive together and do some freelancing. I’m not confident enough to seek out freelance gigs on my own, but I’d be happy to do one with a buddy. The buddy system rocks.

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  1. drop me a gmail or give me a call or stop by some evening in the near future. the long weekend would be a perfect time to get a jump on a new project. 😀

  2. er… i thought you had my gmail. maybe not. anyway, here it is, linked from this comment.

    and, sometimes, working for the bank rocks. let’s hear it for bank holidays. 🙂

  3. In addition to resisting gmail (do i need another email address?) I’m resisting taking on any additional web work. I want to revamp my own website, but I’d rather graduate on schedule. Besides, all the energy i have for doing things on the web gets sucked up by my sister’s website (, and that’s just a buzzkill. However, if you want to volunteer some time on her site, I’ll build a n-tier data-driven website framework in C# for you. merry christmas.