Catching Up

Just got off the phone after talking with Carolyn for over an hour. (Aaron – we’re going to have a large long-distance call to West Salem on our next phone bill.)

It’s amazing how much we’ve both grown up, yet we can still relate to one another. It’s partially an age thing—both married with a new house, both age 28 (she’ll be 29 two months before I will). But some of it still a personality and interest thing—both interested in the arts at some point and in some form, both in “boring” jobs we never thought we’d end up in.

I also think we’ve both gotten to be better communicators over the years. She may have been holding back, but her humor didn’t seem as caustic as it once was, and I know I didn’t hold back anything like I might have at one time—if I had a question, I just asked it, to hell with propriety. “How much did you pay for your house?” “Are you breastfeeding?” That sort of thing.

Sounds like she’d be quite excited to see me at their shower on the 30th, so I think I’m going to try to make it out there. I don’t know if Aaron will be up for making a day of it, even if I drive out for the first leg of the trip. Either with or without Aaron, though, it’d be good to see Carolyn again.