A Visit To The Optometrist

I practically had to take out a loan to order my new glasses today.

Is six months at 0% financing on credit close enough?

I took the afternoon off of work today so I could go to my 2:30pm appointment at Lifetime Vision Care in Maumee (formerly the office of Eugene Levey Philip Levy, Aaron’s optometrist since 1980β€”now a partnership between Dr. Levey and Dr. Henry). The exam was no sweat; typical questions (any problems? headaches? changes in vision?), typical tests (which is clearer: 1 or 2? A or B?), and to my joy, I got to forego the jet-puff-in-the-eyeball glaucoma test in favor of the yellow eyedrops. Yay!

Now, the bad news. My headaches may be caused by eyestrain from working at the computer all day (ya think?). The solution? Two pairs of glasses: one for computer-work, one for everyday use.

Oh, my God… It’s like having reading glasses. I’m getting old.

But the humiliation of having two sets of eyeglasses isn’t the end of it. Don’t forget the price of said eyeglasses.

$693.71β€”and that’s after insurance and discounts.

After I’d picked my jaw up off the office floor, Dr. Henry’s wife gave me a credit application good for 0% interest and no fees, as long as I get my seven hundred bucks paid off within six months. That I can do, so I gratefully and willingly signed on the dotted line. I’ll soon be receiving a card that I can only use at Lifetime Vision Care, that’s mainly just a reminder that I still owe them a crapload of money.

Granted, I’m looking forward to being able to see properly again, and to not having headaches anymore… and I’m highly grateful to Dr. Henry for the 25% discount on the second pair (since Aetna only covers the exam, $15 toward lenses and $30 toward frames)… but still. My God.

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