Catching up

Ugh. Need more hours in the day. Still have stuff to do.

Recent events: Went with Aaron, Kris Heath and Jamie on the Haunted Train Ride in Waterville on Saturday. Cookies and cider and an hour-long train ride for $9. Cheesy “actors,” but a fun evening nonetheless.

Went with Aaron to the Michael Moore rally yesterday. Unlike anything we’ve ever attended before. Learned a few things we didn’t know, got extra fired up to go vote Kerry. More later, I think.

Tonight I finished Order of the Phoenix while I should have been cleaning the bathroom. Good Christ, what next? Oh, and according to the FAQ on J.K. Rowling’s website, she’s not done axing characters, either. How could she be, given the prophecy? Now I can’t wait for books six and seven, either… Damn. At least now I can go and read all the Harry Potter websites and message boards without fear of spoilers… for the published books, anyway.

(I do love how she remembers how it was to be sixteen and presumptuous and impertinent and full of yourself and all that. Of course, I wasn’t a wizard, but I remember being kind of like that… though I swear I wasn’t nearly as much of a moody bitch as Harry was.)

Oh, and thanks, Eric, for mentioning the Wired Creative Commons CD. I went and downloaded it via BitTorrent while I played a brief stint of Civ III this evening, and I’ve now burned it with the intention of bringing it in the car with me tomorrow. Good stuff so far… the Beasties and David Byrne are worth the free download, IMO. 🙂

OK, I’m going to go scrub the bathroom sink before I fall asleep.