Willy Wonka, Tim Burton-style

Holy Freaking Crap.

This will either a.) be extremely cool, b.) rape and destroy my fond yet creepy childhood memories of the Gene Wilder version of Mr. Wonka, or c.) all of the above.

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  1. holy crap.

    i’m on chapter III of your novel. i’m hooked 😛 i can only read snippets between projects at work. but. voon – love it 😛

  2. wow… glad somebody’s actually reading that. 🙂 guess i’ll have to post updates once i get a decent amount added… and put in more chapter stops. i think i gave up after chapter V or so.

  3. o.O i’m only on page 22 😛 i may change the font as it’s kind of hard to read for me, sometimes letters get smooshed together. Word also has some fantastic grammatical suggestions for you 😛 i dont, because, well, i went to whitmer. ask Aaron. it’s an excuse 😛

  4. i tried downloading it at my work to see what it looked like – jeebus! do me a favor: when you read it, do a Select All, and tell it Times New Roman font. things will look a lot better.

    and word. word thinks i shouldn’t use so much passive voice, i’ll bet. i like passive voice, no matter what the grammarians say, so phooey on word.