Party Aftermath

Just wanted to check in real quick and let everybody know that I did successfully host a surprise party for Aaron’s 30th birthday, after nearly two months of planning and pre-planning. There ended up being… *counting heads* …thirteen people crowded into our little living space yesterday. I’ve got digital pics, and will be posting a detailed narrative of the evening soon, probably tomorrow.

As for now, I won’t go into it in detail, since I’m feeling kinda tired. That, and the leftover Jell-O shots called to me, and I caved, so I’m not entirely coherent right now between a few of those and being tired already. Heh.

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  1. o.O sorry i wasnt there!! i suck. but to my credit, john’s cold caught up to me this weekend and i was in bed asleep by 8:30pm both saturday and sunday night 🙁 pfeh.


  2. we wondered where you were! sorry to hear you were sick… if you’d been at the party, though, you wouldn’t have been the only one sick. mark drank a little, even though he hadn’t been feeling well, and ended up outside on our front step. if you know what i mean.