Still Tweaking…

I’ve got my Backlog going on, but it’s not very pretty yet. I can’t figure out how to change the separator from a dash to a colon, like in the current tune. And, even so, it’s still pretty long for my sidebar width. I may see if there’s some way I can make it only read the title, then link to Amazon for the artist. That would be sweet.

Er, wait. I figured it out. Let’s hear it for figuring out how to cut-and-paste the correct lines of code, and to change them appropriately. Now I just have to see if I can make it remember and display my backlog while I’m not listening to WinAmp.

I kind of wanted to play with this more, but I want to check out the Nightline about the Clinton Presidential Library. Sounds interesting.

Edit, 11:30pm: I just did something pretty damn cool, IMHO. No, I didn’t manage to make my web page remember my backlog after I quit WinAmp—that would involve more programming than I know or care to get into at this particular point in time, as I think I’d have to export the songs to a file or database.

No, I made it so that my backlog 1.) doesn’t show blank lines when I haven’t played five songs yet, and b.) isn’t quite as ugly and wrapped around funny. Next I’m on, mouse over one of the song titles in my backlog. It should pop up with “search for U2 on Amazon,” assuming it was U2 I was listening to, and the link searches for the artist on Amazon. w00t!

Maybe I *should* try studying Computer Science sometime, maybe get a certificate like Amy… I’m really getting off on this coding thing. I’d forgotten that a.) I know enough logic to do basic programming, and b.) I enjoy it.

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  1. heh. thanks. *blush*

    and incidentally, the way to make that cool info stay up on the page is a.) don’t close winamp before bed, and b.) download some mp3s overnight and wait for your computer to freeze at, say, 3am. winamp doesn’t get the chance to update the song.txt file, and voila! all-day song title-age. i knew it would work.

  2. hmm. the php doesn’t work in the cgi comment output file. damn. maybe i can tweak something at hostrocket to make that go… *sigh*