I *heart* Stylesheets

Did I happen to mention that, with my all-CSS layout, a minor full-site redesign (color changes, slight positional tweaking) would take considerably less time?

How about one evening?

Everything looks the same right now, but you will all get a Happy Hannukah surprise in a couple few weeks. (Hannukah, Chanukkah, however you Romanize it… I’m taking my spelling straight from the Jew myself.)

I’m also planning a Christmas theme, maybe a Yule theme before that (Dec 21), and afterward… Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s, Independence Day, blah blah blah. And, in case you were wondering how I’m managing all this (which I’m sure you were), I’m writing new stylesheets for each holiday theme, then writing some PHP code to plug in the right stylesheet on the right date. There’s only a few things—like those fancy horizontal rules—that I’ll still have to change out manually, if I get a bug up my ass about it.

And, of course, I’ll include posts giving the history and significance of the holiday and of the symbolism I’ve incorporated into my design. I’m also going to make a valiant attempt to actually do some real research into each holiday for which I design, and not offend anyone by my ignorance. For example, for my Hannukah theme, I wanted to use a real Hannukah quotable in the masthead—but I didn’t want to use the name of God, 1.) because Jews don’t write the Name of God, and 2.) because I’m agnostic-bordering-on-atheist myself, and don’t want to give prospective visitors the wrong idea (that is, that I’m proselytizing). So, I did a decent amount of researching and looking around online, and ended up quoting only part of the prayer said after the candles of the menorah (hannukia, whatever) are lit.

Not that Sheryl would be offended if I put every single Name of God I could find up on my webpage. Elohim! ELOHIM! (Mormons call Him that too, by the way. We—well, they, I guess—also know the Four-Letter Name, and also don’t write or pronounce it.)

You’ll all get a Diana-style crash course in Hannukah and Judaism (sp?) in another few weeks, complete with quotables from the inimitable Sheryl and many lovely links.

I like my new Hannukah theme better than this yellowy-green thing I’ve got now. I can’t wait to switch it out…!

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  1. having fun talking to yourself? 😛

    i’d cross reference anything i tell you just to make sure 😉 i’m quite out of practice, so to speak 😛

    do mormons have special holidays? or do they just have the weird underweartraditions?

  2. in fact, i DO enjoy talking to myself. if that’s the only way i’m going to get comments, i’m willing to entertain a little schizophrenia.

    oh, and it would help if i used military time when I’m calculating when I’m at work. the hour is *never* going to be both greater than 7 and less than five. 😉