Butternut Squash Pie

I just finished baking a pie. It’s my first attempt at pie-baking from scratch (OK, the crust was store-bought), so I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to turn out… but it sure smells good. Since I have such faith in my wifely kitchen abilities (note sarcasm), this pie is NOT going to Westlake for Thanksgiving.

However, the three pies Aaron plans on baking later this week will be.

We got volunteered to bring dessert for about 15 people or so. *rolls eyes* Aaron had been hoping we’d get asked to do rolls or green bean casserole or something. No such luck. 😉 And, get this: Uncle Pete (who’s hosting Thanksgiving this year) is apparently going to call ME about the pies later.

Riiiiight. Let’s wait until we see whether the butternut test pie comes out OK, then we’ll talk.

…If this pie ends up being pretty good, would you like me to post the recipe?

Edit, 10:30pm: The pie is quite yummy. More along the lines of sweet potato than pumpkin, and distinctly squashy, but still quite yummy. I’m content.

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  1. i am such a dork. i realized last night that i forgot to put the eggs in. that would be why it took forever to set… oh, well. it still turned out good.