Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, how about that? I managed to whip together a Thanksgiving theme just in time. The most time-consuming part was locating appropriate images online for the background. Props go out to About.com for the pumpkins and the gourd, and to the Google Image Search for finding me the other gourd image.

In other site-related news, I imported entries from April 2004 last night. Now you can read about such exciting ventures as… well… us buying home improvement supplies from Home Depot? My review of Kill Bill Volume 2? Some random couple “parking” on my street? Yeah. Hit the archives for more exciting archived goodness.

I’m also contemplating upgrading to Movable Type 3.1 sometime in the near future, mainly to see what kind of category support it has. (I’ve been assigning categories to all of my entries, but have only been actively using the photography category.) So, if the site goes all wonky sometime in the next few days, you’ll know why.

Let’s hear it for four-day weekends. Word.

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  1. Dammit. I forgot: the CGI script can’t read PHP, hence the b0rk3d nature of the Currently Hearing thingy in the sidebar. But I can deal with that for now. When it was trying to select a stylesheet through PHP, of course it would end up all funktified. Bah.

    Maybe my upcoming upgrade to MT 3.1 will resolve this problem. Until then, no fancy stylesheets for the comments page!