Mmm… Free iPod…

iPod As opposed to Aaron‘s idea of getting an iPod and paying it off over one interest-free year, thanks to credit from Musician’s Friend, I got sucked into the Get a Free iPod craze.

Yes, there’s always a catch, and this offer is no exception. First, you have to complete an offer—I chose to sign up for BMG, which was pretty painless. I didn’t really expect even this much of the process to work… but, lo and behold, I received an e-mail from the nice people today, saying that I’d completed my offer.

Well, hot damn.

Now all I have to do is shill my friends.

See, that’s Step 2: I have to refer five friends to the site and get them to complete offers, too. The best offers listed are the BMG signup that I did, maybe the Blockbuster Online deal (sounds like NetFlix to me), or join the Columbia House DVD Club, or subscribe to USA Today (that wouldn’t be bad). Of course, if you don’t have enough credit cards in your wallet, there’s over half a dozen of those to try out for, too.

Soooo… if you’re so inclined, please consider yourself invited to check out the Free iPods scheme. If not… well… Aaron’s probably going to buy himself one, anyway. I’m sure he’ll share.

Right, honey-muffin…?

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