An Open Letter To Aaron

The UPS driver arrived at 6:40pm this evening. He did indeed have the two boxes of which you spoke. And the larger of the two did indeed have a very obvious big blue brand name printed on all sides of the box. It was the branding I guessed it would be, after hearing your “UPS is going to ruin Christmas, and don’t feel like you have to spend more on me because of the logo you see on the box” speech.

But, as promised, I will forget that I saw said logos, and I will ask no questions at Christmastime.

For now, though, while I still speak openly of The Present…

You Are Awesome. I didn’t even ask for that. You just knew. You are the sweetest husband EVAR (as they say).

I love you.

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  1. oh. and. what i do for john’s presents, is have them delivered to work and tell the secretary not to announce them, and to email me and i will sneak over and grab them.

    since aaron like, works at ups, i imagine it’s not that simple 😛

    living together and surprising one another is hard!!!

  2. yeah… he didn’t even have the tracking number until yesterday, so he couldn’t sift through the boxes at work looking for it like he’d wanted. :-/