Aaron’s New Toy

…is tres cool. It arrived last night (with my Christmas present, which I’m trying to forget about like he tried to forget about knowing about his party. That reminds me: I still need to post pics from the surprise party).

Instead of taking it to work tonight (where he would undoubtedly play with it too much and get himself in trouble), he opted to leave it at home with me, so I could check it out. I didn’t see myself messing with it very much—after all, it’s his toy, not mine, and he showed me all its nifty features before he headed off to work.

Of course, I did end up picking it up and messing with it. And before the news was even over, no less—and the news has become a regular evening tradition with me these days. It’s a fascinating little device, the iPod: simple to use, with a neat little click-wheel to navigate the screens. What’s even neater to me, as a Mac enthusiast-at-heart, is that the use of the Charcoal/Chicago font (I can’t tell the difference anymore) and the other common Macintosh sans-serif fonts and arrowed menu structure make it look so… Macified. Neat.

Also neat are the various doohickeys and thingies you can get for your iPod. For instance, Aaron got a rubberized black case/condom for his iPod, complete with a thinner polymer over the click-wheel for easier navigating; a clear screen guard to protect from scratches; a belt clip that fastens to his black iPod case; and an iTrip transmitter, allowing the iPod to play back on any unused radio frequency—great for road trips.

Holy crap, this is cool.

I found myself listening to it for no good reason other than just that I could. I could easily have turned on the stereo—I was by myself in the house—but I felt so… bohemian? Hip? Counterculture? I know, iPods are really none of those things anymore (if they ever were), but the idea of wearing little white earbuds with the wires coming down to a neat little toy that’s playing my own soundtrack to Life… it’s cool.

If you have the opportunity to play with one, and use the click-wheel, maybe even walk around like an oblivious collegian with your little white earbuds between you and the world—definitely try it out. I was envious and skeptical at the same time when Aaron told me he’d ordered himself one, but now I’m hooked.

Man, I’d sure like one of these for myself…

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