Now Taking Requests

I know I should probably wrap up the detail work on this site before I start bemoaning my sparse readership (again). After all, the website archives aren’t on this server yet, and my CSS and PHP still have some glitches to smooth out.

Still, though, I find myself posting my link in other blogs’ comments, and signing up on all those blog tracking sites, and wanting strangers to think my site is as cool as I think theirs is. Are. Whatever.

But, in all actuality, I created this site: a.) to keep in touch with my out-of-town and sometimes out-of-touch friends; b.) to encourage myself to continue writing and journaling; and c.) to give myself a continuing web design challenge. So, I ask you, the readership, what you’d like to read:

  1. More day-to-day shit (e.g. ‘my job sucks’ or ‘my computer crashed’)
  2. More links to news stories (e.g. the new Willy Wonka movie, Viktor Yuschenko’s face, or the death penalty)
  3. More philosophical and sociopolitical thoughts and ideas and rants
  4. More pictures and picture galleries (daily or weekly, even, if I have that many good ones?)
  5. More links to linkworthy blogs and rants
  6. Your content’s just fine as it is! Why do you always worry about shit so much?

Leave some love in the comments section.

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