Merry Christmas 2001

As I was digging through old VHS tapes, I found a tape of this-n-that from my Media 100® workshops and video classes. I watched through it, just for shits and giggles… and then I found a video I’d forgotten I’d made.

Back in 2001, I was about to graduate college, living in an apartment on my own, and I was really broke. That Christmas was a creative one, mainly making gifts for my family and friends instead of buying them. And, for Amy, I made a video of our four-year Reign of Terror at BGSU. I didn’t have time to copy it for her; I barely managed to squeak enough lab time to create the video and drop it to tape in the first place. But, when she came to visit and exchange presents, I showed it to her.

Then, tonight, I found it again.

So, now that we have a capture card, I am encoding it and posting it here for your viewing pleasure. Amy, of course, will enjoy it the most… but I think most of you will certainly appreciate it.

small version (10.2MB) | large version (33.5MB)

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  1. Ah, well. Maybe next time I upload a video, I’ll take another crack at making a Windows Media file. Make it easier for at-work viewing. 😉