White Christmas

Nearly everyone at work was throwing a hairy conniption about the impending snowstorm tonight. “What if it’s a Level 3 snow emergency in Wood County, but not here in Lucas County?” “If I get a ticket for driving in a snow emergency, will Sky pay for it?” “What if I can’t make it in, but I don’t have any more personal days left?” And on and on. Our department, and eventually the entire company, had to send out an e-mail about weather-related procedures and what to do in the event of an actual emergency.

The part of me that remembers growing up in or around the snowbelt just shrugs and is vaguely pleased about having a white Christmas. Leave a little early for work in the morning, since our neighborhood is at the bottom of the plow-me list. Take some pictures of snowy Christmas lights tomorrow night. No reason to be all freaked out.

So, we’ll see how many people show up late to work tomorrow, how many people call in, and how many complaints I hear about the snowy commute from Bowling Green to Maumee. My vote is that the Toledo/Maumee area will get maybe four inches, and that the salt crews will be on the ball to clear the roads early. We’ll see.

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  1. Well, I’ve been wrong before. Drifts up to my calves, a foot on the car this morning. Nasty driving conditions. Half our department called off. Almost all the Bowling Green financial centers are closed.

    Details later.

  2. nice.

    there is a whopping 6 people here at 9:10 (of course, that’s only out of like 12 or so, so we’re at about 50%) and although a lot of people had trouble, i just learned why “Toledo <3s It's Jeep."

    and we're wearing jeans and drinking hot cocoa and watching the fruitcake lady 😛

    but our holiday lunch was cancelled. boo hiss 🙁