Christmas Recap

As is my wont each year after Christmas, I now begin the annual tally of Stuff I Got For Christmas.

From Aaron to me:
A refurbished Dell Dimension 3000 (so, so nice!) | Wil Wheaton’s book Just A Geek | a Whitman low-carb Sampler | eight, count ’em, *eight* boxes of Pocky | a five-pack of Fuji film | The Spartan Dischords‘ CD Happy Hour

From Aaron’s family, to both of us:
From Uncle Pete: The Best of Times: America in the Clinton Years | From Grammie and Poppa: $70 gift card to Wal-Mart | From Aaron’s Dad: two crisp bills of currency that made our eyes bug out slightly | From Aaron’s brother Matt: $30 to Value City

With the money from Grammie and Poppa and Aaron’s dad, we had quite the haul at Wal-Mart: A Dirt Devil bagless vacuum, a filing cabinet, a new desk lamp for me. windshield wiper blades for the Kia, a new Stanley toolbox, and other various odds-and-ends.

Mom didn’t get me anything this year, but I can understand why: they’ve been in their new house for some time now, and neither of them are employed yet. They’re still trying to figure out how to make next month’s mortgage payment, so I wouldn’t expect them to go out Christmas shopping.

So ends another holiday season.